Vikings’ Zimmer: ‘It seems like we find different ways to win all the time’

The 2019 season did not start the greatest for the Minnesota Vikings. After an abysmal performance against the Bears, the Vikings fell to 2-2, and at that point, many were prepared to write them off. However, they found ways to turn things around. Kirk Cousins woke up and Dalvin Cook, who has played well all year long, continued to run hard.

Everytime the Vikings have lost this season, they have come back with a victory, including Sunday’s 20-7 win over the Lions. Minnesota has found many different ways to win this season, and right now, they are in a good spot. According to this week’s online sports betting odds after opening at -135 and -148 for Week 15, The Vikings are slightly favored against the LA Chargers.

After 13 games, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is delighted with his team.

“I like this team,” Zimmer said on Monday. “They come in here, and they work. I think they understand what’s at stake every single week. The games that we’ve lost, they’ve been close ballgames, but we found ways, and it seems like we find different ways to win all the time.

“This week we got some turnovers, and we played really good on defense. Offense was just okay, really, most of the day. There’s been times when the offense has been great, and the defense has been just okay. The more ways that we can find way to win I think is important. I think they have confidence that, like the Denver game, we’re down 20 to zip, and we’re able to come back, or whatever it was. Find ways to keep fighting and keep trying to score points and win games.”

Minnesota has to play a little better defensively in the final three games and keep Cook healthy, but if this team continues to show the toughness that they have shown in the first 13 games, the Vikings should make the playoffs and possibly make some noise in January.


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