HOF Roaf on Rivers: ‘You gotta know when it’s time to say when’

Los Angeles Chargers QB Philip Rivers has had a great run. In 16 NFL seasons, Rivers has thrown for over 58,000 yards, which is sixth in NFL history, and his 394 touchdowns passes are also sixth in NFL history.

However, 2019 has been a struggle for the 38-year-old Rivers. In 13 games, Rivers has thrown 20 touchdowns, but he has 15 interceptions, and the Chargers(5-8) are struggling through another disappointing season.

Some believe that Rivers should call it quits after this season, including Hall of Famer Willie Roaf.

“He’s a gunslinger. He’s had a great career. He’s been in the league a long time,” Roaf recently told the Go4it podcast hosted by Paul Gant. “Look what’s going on right now, Big Ben(Roethlisberger) is done this year, Eli’s done. I think all three of them are done. I don’t know if Philip wants to walk away. I know Big Ben and Eli are probably done. So, I would say that Philip should retire.

“I think they’re gonna draft a quarterback. I think this is the last year on his contract,” Roaf continued. “If he does try to come back, he’s not getting a new, big contract, so I think walk away. He’s had a great career. I think all three of those are potential Hall of Famers. I know Big Ben is. I think Big Ben and Eli are a little bit ahead of him(Rivers) as far as Hall of Fame because Eli got the rings. Philip has a chance to get in. Big Ben is a lock, and Eli will get in eventually, so all of them have the potential to go into the Hall. But, I mean you’re 37-years-old(38), you can’t play football forever…

“If you’re not throwing the ball well, and they are looking at all these stats about what areas do you need to fix. You look at it every week, what do we need to fix? Where’s our problem. Well, if you are apart of the problem, and you are not being productive as you used to do, then they are going to find somebody else to do it. That’s just the way the business works. You gotta walk away with your pride, and I think Philip has made over $200 million, so you gotta know when it’s time to say when. He’s had a great career, and it’s time to go.”

Rivers can become a free agent after this season, so it should be interesting to see if the Chargers bring him back, or Rivers decides to play for another team, or he retires. If Rivers does retire, based on his numbers, there is a good possibility that he could end up in Canton one day.

Listen to the complete interview with Roaf below at the 41:40 mark:

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