Pederson on Wentz’s performance against NYG: ‘I would say this would be his number one game in the four years’

The Philadelphia Eagles started very slow against the New York Giants on Monday night. At halftime, the Eagles trailed 17-3 after Eli Manning threw for 179 yards and two touchdowns in the first half. Also, injuries had a significant impact on Philadelphia. They lost WR Alshon Jeffery, RT Lane Johnson, and RB Miles Sanders(for some of the game). In OT, the Eagles were down to just one healthy wide receiver in Greg Ward, who spent most of the 2019 season on the team’s practice squad. 

With all those things working against him, Eagles QB Carson Wentz finished the game, completing 33 of 50 passes for 325 yards and two touchdowns, as the Eagles defeated the Giants 23-17 in OT.

According to Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, Wentz’s performance on Monday night was the best of his four-year career. 

“I think this would have to be his number one game, quite honestly,” Pederson said about Wentz’s performance on Monday. “You could ask him later this week. But I just think from the standpoint of putting the team on his back, leading this team down the field, down two scores, to tie the game, and then, of course, to win it in overtime. Some of the plays that he did make, whether it was extending it with his legs or keeping a play alive and finding receivers down the field, and then his toughness to stand in the pocket and take some shots. I would say this would be his number one game in the four years. It’s really kind of exciting for him. I think it gives him confidence moving forward…

“You think about some of the big games he’s been in. Go all the way back to the Rams game in where he was playing; he was having an MVP season that year. That was a big game obviously to help us win the NFC East. Even though he got hurt that day, that was a big game. There’s been games like that where he’s had big games.

“But this one, to be down the way we were, and to lose another receiver, to lose your right tackle, and to really step up and make the plays in those conditions, too, really to me, I feel like that’s his best he’s played. Something he can continue to grow and work on.”

This was an impressive performance by Wentz, who had been criticized at times for his play in 2019. The Eagles needed this victory to keep their playoff hopes alive. At this point, if Philadelphia wins their final three games, they win the NFC East and make the playoffs. 

Considering all the issues the Eagles had last night, Pederson might be right, this might have been Wentz’s best performance, and if the Eagles want to make the playoffs, they may need more big-time performances out of Wentz in 2019.

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