Eagles’ Cre’Von LeBlanc on Wentz: ‘We one-hundred percent ride with him’

Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz had decent numbers in 2018(3074 yards, 21 touchdowns), but he also had some struggles last season. In 11 games, he was only 5-6 as a starter. Ultimately, because of a back injury, Wentz’s season ended after Week 14. Fortunately for Philadelphia, they had Super Bowl 52 MVP Nick Foles, who was able to guide the team to the divisional round of the playoffs where they would lose to the New Orleans Saints.

After the season, things got worse for Wentz. According to a report from the PhillyVoice, some teammates questioned Wentz as a leader, while others called him ‘selfish,’ and later, Wentz himself, acknowledged that he was not a good teammate last season.

However, according to Eagles corner Cre’Von LeBlanc, the team is still behind the third-year quarterback.

“I really don’t get into stuff like that,” LeBlanc recently told Paul Gant and the Go4it podcast. “What I can say is I know that Carson Wentz, he’s a great football player; he’s a great leader on our team, and he’s a great guy, and he’s going to do everything in his power to put his best foot forward and put us in the position we need to be in, and we one-hundred percent ride with him, so that’s all I can say.”

According to Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, Wentz will be the starter next season. Wentz is a very talented football player, and if it were not for his ACL injury in 2017, Wentz probably would have been the MVP of that season.

For Wentz, 2018 was supposed to be a year of redemption, but he just not was physically able to get it done. The Eagles are still in a good position with him at the helm, and hopefully, for the team, Wentz will be a better player and a better leader in 2019.

Listen to the complete interview with Cre’Von LeBlanc below:


Wentz to host 2nd annual charity softball game at Citizens Bank Park

Carson Wentz, starting quarterback for the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles announces the 2nd annual Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation Charity Softball Game and home run derby. The event, featuring Carson and his teammates playing softball, will be held May 31, 2019, at Citizens Bank Park. Tickets will go on sale in February 2019.

Event proceeds will benefit The Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation, which works to uplift individuals and communities around the world by demonstrating God’s love for His people. The foundation supports three initiatives: the Haiti Sports Complex, Thy Kingdom Crumb Food Truck and the AO1 Foundation’s Outdoor Program. The Sports Complex impacts over 15,000 children in Haiti per year, providing an opportunity for them to develop positive character traits and life values and be introduced to the Word of Christ. Thy Kingdom Crumb is a mobile food truck that distributes free food throughout Philadelphia to help feed people and uplift communities. The foundation also hosts a youth outdoor camp along with hunting trips each year, offering experiences that foster a genuine passion for the outdoors, while drawing people closer to God’s Word.

Prior to the start of the 2018 season, Wentz was ranked 3rd overall in NFL Top 100 players of 2018. In October 2017, he was named National Football Conference™ (NFC) Offensive Player of the Month. The Eagles are currently 4 – 4, ranked second in the NFC East.

“I’m truly amazed by the support the foundation has received from people all over the world,” said Wentz. “What we have been able to accomplish in just a year, from the food truck to the camps and the softball game, it’s just incredible. And, it’s only possible because of those who have faith in the work we are doing.”

Stephen A. Smith on Eagles: ‘I love the acquisition of Golden Tate'(VIDEO)

The world champion Philadelphia Eagles made a splash move before the NFL trade deadline on Tuesday. Philly acquired WR Golden Tate from the Detroit Lions for a 2019 third-round pick. With the move, the Eagles add a big play wide receiver to the lineup, which gives QB Carson Wentz another weapon.

While Wentz(1788 yards, 17 TDs) has played well this season, the Eagles were in need of another weapon on the offensive side of the ball. I think Philly had enough talent before the acquisition of Tate to win the NFC East, but is this move enough to put Philly up there with the Rams and Saints in the NFC? Maybe. Defensively, Philly is holding teams to 19.5 ppg, which is seventh in the league. Also, they still have Wentz, who is a top-10 quarterback, so the Eagles at 4-4 can still be a factor in the NFC.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is a big fan of this move.

Listen to what Smith had to say on ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday:

DeFilippo on Wentz: ‘He is very confident in himself but to a point where it rubs off on others in a good way’

Vikings OC John DeFilippo, who was the QB coach in Philly for two seasons, returns to Philadelphia on Sunday as Minnesota travels to Lincoln Financial Field to battle the Eagles in a rematch of last season’s NFC title game.

Last year, Eagles QB Carson Wentz was on his way to an MVP season before he tore his ACL and LCL in Week 14 against Rams. In the 13 games he appeared in last season, Wentz played with confidence and a swagger that seem to motivate his teammates.

As the QB coach in Philadelphia(2016-17), Defilippo was a big part of the development of Wentz. Before taking the job with the Vikings, Defilippo was with Wentz for two years and helped turn the third-year player into one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL.

Today, Defilippo discussed what makes Wentz so special.

“The first thing is the amount of maturity he has for his age. Not only football maturity but maturity in general,” Defilippo said. “He is very, very confident in himself but to a point where it rubs off on others in a good way, not a bad way. The whole team just kind of felt his confidence and felt his swagger and juice and fed off that. And really just his freak athleticism to be quite honest with you. The guy is 6-5 and 240-something pounds and can run like that, throw like that, throw off balance, get out of traffic, extend plays, There are some plays you watched last year, and not a lot of guys get out of that. The last thing is just his football knowledge for a rookie. Even when he came in, I don’t want to say it was off the charts, but it was pretty close for a rookie. It was pretty good. Real good, actually.”

Wentz was great last season, and physically it appears that he is all the way back from the injury. Moving forward, the Eagles will have to do a better job of protecting Wentz(sacked six times in two games), and Wentz is going to have to do a better job of protecting himself, but if he stays healthy, expect Wentz to have another tremendous season.

Shannon Sharpe thinks the Eagles could have a problem if Foles plays well(VIDEO)

A wise man once said, “If you have two quarterbacks, you have none.” However, for the Eagles, they legitimately have two starting quarterbacks. You have the guy who was on his way to being the MVP last season before his injury in Carson Wentz, and they have the Super Bowl MVP in Nick Foles.

Wentz, who is returning after tearing his ACL and LCL last season, has not done any 11-on-11 drills, but that could happen soon, according to the third year quarterback.

“I think there’s been really no secret that it’s going to be close,” Wentz said on Tuesday as transcribed by ESPN. “Seeing where I’m at in camp and finally, hopefully next week, doing 11-on-11, I think naturally it’s going to be close. Ultimately, it won’t be just my call or the coaches’ call. It will come down to what the doctors say, really.”

Foles will start against the Patriots on Thursday night in Foxboro.

According to FS1’s Shannon Sharpe, if Foles starts the season, and gets off to a good start, the Eagles could have some issues.

Here is what Sharpe said on Undisputed today:

This could be an issue for Eagles, but quite frankly, it’s a good problem to have. Whether it’s this year or next year, the Eagles will be Wentz’s team for years to come. Therefore, the Eagles are in a good spot no matter what happens.

Ex-Giant Baker talks issues with 1991 Giants and the possible similarities with 2018 Eagles(VIDEO)

The 1990 New York Giants were an amazing story. Not only were they able to win the Super Bowl that year, but they did it with an unlikely hero. QB Jeff Hostetler replaced an injured Phil Simms, who was lost for the year in Week 15  after breaking his foot. Ultimately, Hostetler would lead the Giants to an improbable victory over the Bills in Super Bowl 25.

However, the 1991 season did not go as smooth. New head coach Ray Handley, who replaced the retired Bill Parcells, had an open competition between Simms and Hostetler. Ultimately, Hosteler would get the job, but it was without controversy.

Former Giants WR Stephen Baker, who played with the team from 1987-1992, recalls what happened in 1991.

“Going into the following season(1991 season), if you remember, it was kind of crazy,” Baker told goforitradio.com. “They were like, ‘A quarterback is not supposed to lose his job to injury.’ But we had a new coach by the name of Ray Handley, who came in and changed everything. He started Hostetler, and we just went with it as a team.”

Eventually, Simms would get the job back after Hostetler went down with a back injury in Week 13. The Giants would finish 8-8, and miss the playoffs in 1991. Handley would return the following season but was fired after the team went 6-10 and missed the playoffs for a second consecutive season.

Fast forward to 2018. The Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl 52 with backup QB Nick Foles after Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL in Week 14. Foles was named Super Bowl MVP, but unlike the 1991 Giants, there won’t be a QB competition. If Wentz is healthy, he gets his job back, which according to Baker, could lead to some controversy in Philly.

“To me, it seems like it would divide the locker room a little bit,” Baker said. “He’s the Super Bowl MVP, and your Super Bowl MVP is going to be sitting on the bench.  Carson Wentz is going to be your man, then get rid of Nick Foles, so you don’t have that. Now, you got some controversy. Fans will turn on the Eagles, too, if Wentz comes in and does not have a great game. They gonna be like, ‘Put in our Super Bowl MVP.’ Then, you got a divided locker room, and then you got the Eagles right where I went them: fighting each other so the Giants can get back on top.”

Regarding Foles, Philly did re-work his contract, which gave him a raise and basically will keep him with the team for the 2018 season. Concerning Wentz, there is always the possibility that he could struggle early in the season, which could cause some controversy.

Could the 2018 Eagles season end up like the 1991 Giants? I don’t think so. After the 1990 season, the Giants lost head coach Bill Parcells and defensive coordinator Bill Belichick. Conversely, Philly will bring back most of their coaching staff from 2017. They did lose their offensive coordinator Frank Reich and QB coach John DeFilippo. However, Doug Pederson calls the plays, so those losses may not be that big.

Furthermore, the Eagles still have a lot of young talent on the defensive side of the ball, and they have a budding star in Wentz. The 25-year-old QB could easily have been an MVP last season.  Therefore, Philly has an excellent chance to get back to the Super Bowl, but if injuries happen, and Wentz does not regain that 2017 form, and Foles plays like he did with the Rams; maybe, just maybe, the 2018 Eagles could end up like the 1991 Giants.

Listen to our interview with Baker below:

Ex-Eagle Avant questions whether fans, players will be okay with Foles going back to the bench(Video)

When Eagles QB Carson Wentz went down in Week 14 with a torn ACL against the Rams, the thought was when Wentz is healthy he is the starter in Philadelphia. Then, the impossible happened. Nick Foles stepped in and would eventually help the Eagles win Super Bowl 52 and become Super Bowl MVP.

With all that Foles accomplished last season, if Wentz is healthy Week 1,  Foles goes back to the bench.

Former Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant believes that won’t be a problem for Wentz and Foles; however, Avant thinks others may have an issue with the situation:

“The only thing I think everybody is naive of is that the city won’t be able to handle it great,” Avant recently told goforitradio.com. “The media won’t be able to handle it, and sometimes, people in the locker room may not be able to handle certain things, so I think it’s the people around them that’s going to struggle with it.”

It should be interesting to see what would happen if Wentz has some struggles early in the season. Would the fans turn on him? Would be very interesting to see.

Listen below as Avant talks Foles and Wentz, the Eagles chances of repeating, and his upcoming appearance in the American Flag Football League:




Photos from Carson Wentz’s charity softball game

On Friday, at Citizens Bank Park, more than 25,000 fans came out to cheer on 25 members of the Super Bowl LII-winning Philadelphia Eagles as they took the field for a home run derby and softball game to raise money for The Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation, a project at the Giving Back Fund.

According to organizers, $850,000 was raised from the event.

“As I reflect on the foundation’s first year, I’m amazed by the support from people all over the world,” said Wentz. “I wasn’t sure what to expect when we began this journey and I had the idea of the charity softball game, but it has been nothing short of incredible to see how God has used us to spread his love!”

At the event, the AO1 Foundation presented a $520,000 check to Mission of Hope: Haiti, which is the total amount raised in May 2018, along with Carson’s personal donation to match every dollar donated. It will fund a Sports Complex in Haiti that will provide a safe place and community for kids to play sports and get an education.

Kudos to Wentz for doing big things in the community!

Here are photos from the event:

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Photos/Courtesy: Capture Marketing

Damien Woody on Wentz: ‘You don’t need to rush this guy back'(WATCH)

Winning Super Bowl 52 was an amazing feat for the Philadelphia Eagles, especially when you consider Philadelphia did it without their starting quarterback Carson Wentz, who went down in Week 14 with a torn ACL and LCL in his left knee.

Fortunately for the Eagles, they had Nick Foles, who stepped in and led the Eagles through the playoffs and ultimately to a victory in Super Bowl 52.

Foles will back next season, but if Wentz is healthy, Foles probably goes back to the bench.

With Foles in the fold, the Eagles really do not have to rush Wentz back, and to former NFL player and current ESPN analyst, Damien Woody, that’s a good thing.

Here is what Woody had to say on ESPN’s First Take today:

I think Wentz is going work very hard to get back for Week 1, but just like Woody said, there is no need to rush it.

Jaworski on whether Philly will trade Foles: ‘I don’t think they will’

Back in 1990, then Giants backup QB Jeff Hostetler stepped in for an injured Phil Simms and led the Giants to a victory in Super Bowl 25.

The following season Hostetler beat out Simms and began the year as the Giants’ starting quarterback.

On Sunday, Eagles QB Nick Foles pulled a “Hostetler” and led the Eagles to a victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

Back in December, former Eagles QB Ron Jaworski predicted that Foles would lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl after Carson Wentz went down:

“Well, I did an interview with TMZ about six weeks ago or more when Carson Wentz got hurt, and I said: ‘I have confidence that Nick Foles will take the Eagles to the Super Bowl,’ but he outdid himself, he helped the Eagles win a Super Bowl; Super Bowl MVP,” Jaworski told TMZ Sports. 

“He put together three remarkable football games. Anticipation, pinpoint accuracy.”

With Wentz on the roster, many believe that Foles could be on the move, but Jaworski does not agree:

“I don’t think they will. He’s got a year left in(on) his contract, but Carson Wentz is the quarterback of the future,” Jaworski said.

I don’t think Foles will pull another “Hostetler” and become the starter for the Eagles in 2018.

Foles, 29, had a tremendous run. The Eagles don’t win the Super Bowl without him, but this is Wentz’s team.

Philly will have to see if Wentz will be ready to start the season. If the Eagles believe Wentz will be healthy, they should try to trade Foles. If not, they should keep him.

For the Eagles, this is a good problem to have.