Ortiz calls Wilder’s punches ‘illegal and borderline criminal’

In the first fight against WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, Luis Ortiz fought well and had an excellent opportunity to beat Wilder, including having him in serious trouble in the 7h-round, but Wilder got through it and ultimately stopped Ortiz in 10. Fortunately for Ortiz, he will get another shot at the “Bronze Bomber” on November 23 in Las Vegas(FOX PPV).

Before the stoppage, Wilder dropped Ortiz two other times in their first fight, but, according to Ortiz, some of Wilder’s punches were illegal. 

“I think that some of the things that Wilder did, and the antics that Wilder does could be dealt with differently this time around, the illegal thing,” Ortiz said on a conference call this week. 

“Blows that he throws with the inside of his fists, punching down from the top of the head down and all kinds of craziness that he does, which makes it very difficult to get settled in any fight and quite frankly should be illegal and borderline criminal.”

Later in the conference call, Wilder responded to Ortiz’s accusations.

“You know I have never heard of that, so I think that he is being sarcastic,” Wilder said. “Only thing that’s criminal is me hitting people with the right hand and almost killing them. That’s the only thing I can go with.

“As far as in the ring, I don’t know what can be criticized. I would love to know myself to be honest.

 “I want to know that because if it’s something to tear me down or something like that, then that will make me even more motivated towards Ortiz if he’s trying to try to tear me down after I have blessed him twice.

 “I would love to know what he meant by that. That could be good for raising my blood and make me want to even more hurt him more than what I want to do now.

 “So he need to clarify that for me before I take it the wrong way. We know when I get mad, it’s over with. It’s over with. So right now, I’m mutual with him. I’m very respectful. He said, thank God for me; I blessed him a second time. A second time. A second time ladies and gentlemen, when I didn’t have to.

 “So I need that clarified, or I’m going to take this the wrong way, and I’m really going to want to beat him down.”

Wilder can get a little wild in the ring. However, the shots he landed on Ortiz in that fight looked fairly legal. In the end, Ortiz will have his opportunity to settle the score on November 23.

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