Devon Alexander to Thurman: ‘If you say you the best, what you need a tune-up for?'(AUDIO)

WBC/WBA welterweight champion Keith Thurman has been on the shelf since last March when he beat Danny Garcia to capture the WBC welterweight title.

After the fight with Garcia, Thurman had surgery on his right elbow. Thurman is scheduled to return on May 19 at Barclays Center to an opponent to be named.

Former welterweight champion Devon Alexander, who had a controversial majority draw against Victor Ortiz in February, does not understand why Thurman needs a tune-up:

“What does tune-up mean? If you’re an elite fighter, If you say you’re one of the best fighters out there, then nobody can beat you on your best day,” Alexander told the Go4it podcast hosted by Paul Gant. “If you feel like you’re one of the top welterweights out there, nobody should be able to beat you at your worst day. I just don’t understand that. Tune-ups or “give-me.” If you say you the best, what you need a tune-up for? I just don’t understand. These people are playing. They say they’re the best, but they want a lot of money for the least opponent. The least threat. That’s what these guys are doing now of days. I don’t understand it. It doesn’t make sense.

“I understand injuries happen, but if you’re strong enough to have a fight, that means you’re strong enough to get in there with somebody. Those are all excuses to me. Like I said, I understand injuries. People get injuries; I been injured, but if you say you the best, fight the best. Continue to fight the best. I mean I just don’t understand.”

At this point, there is no word on who Thurman will fight next. However, based on what Thurman has been saying, the opponent is not going to be anybody that can really test him.

I understand both point of views, but Thurman has to do what he feels is best for his career. Let’s hope the fight after his tuneup will be against a credible opponent.

Listen to what Alexander had to say below:

Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME