Jaworski on whether Philly will trade Foles: ‘I don’t think they will’

Back in 1990, then Giants backup QB Jeff Hostetler stepped in for an injured Phil Simms and led the Giants to a victory in Super Bowl 25.

The following season Hostetler beat out Simms and began the year as the Giants’ starting quarterback.

On Sunday, Eagles QB Nick Foles pulled a “Hostetler” and led the Eagles to a victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

Back in December, former Eagles QB Ron Jaworski predicted that Foles would lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl after Carson Wentz went down:

“Well, I did an interview with TMZ about six weeks ago or more when Carson Wentz got hurt, and I said: ‘I have confidence that Nick Foles will take the Eagles to the Super Bowl,’ but he outdid himself, he helped the Eagles win a Super Bowl; Super Bowl MVP,” Jaworski told TMZ Sports. 

“He put together three remarkable football games. Anticipation, pinpoint accuracy.”

With Wentz on the roster, many believe that Foles could be on the move, but Jaworski does not agree:

“I don’t think they will. He’s got a year left in(on) his contract, but Carson Wentz is the quarterback of the future,” Jaworski said.

I don’t think Foles will pull another “Hostetler” and become the starter for the Eagles in 2018.

Foles, 29, had a tremendous run. The Eagles don’t win the Super Bowl without him, but this is Wentz’s team.

Philly will have to see if Wentz will be ready to start the season. If the Eagles believe Wentz will be healthy, they should try to trade Foles. If not, they should keep him.

For the Eagles, this is a good problem to have.