Foles talks leadership style, playing Eagles in preseason, basketball skills, & more

In life, all you can ask for is hope, and the Jaguars have just that with their new QB Nick Foles. Last season was a massive disappointment for Jacksonville after the team finished  5-11. They struggled on both sides of the ball, especially at the quarterback position. With the addition Foles, who signed a four-year, $88 million contract with Jacksonville after spending the last two seasons in Philadelphia, there is optimism again in Duval County.

The 30-year-old Foles was magical for the Eagles, which included a victory in Super Bowl 52. Can Foles work his magic in Jacksonville? That is the hope, and all starts this week as the Jaguars begin voluntary offseason workouts.

Today, Foles addressed the media as he discussed his leadership style, the importance of the tight end position, his new house in Jacksonville,  playing the Eagles in the preseason, his basketball skills, and more:

(On building chemistry with his new teammates)

“It’s great getting back to work. The offseason is a great time to spend time with your family, get a break from everything, but I know all of us were excited to get back in the building yesterday and get back to work. For me it’s an opportunity to get to know everyone. I haven’t really had the opportunity to get to know the guys in this building. When I signed a lot of the players aren’t here during that time of the year. There are a few guys on the team that I’ve played with before, but it’s fun these last couple days putting faces to names and understanding everything. It’s been great.”

 (On his leadership style)

“I think the big thing is being genuine, being who I am, and a lot of that is getting to know the guys. Obviously, leading by example. I don’t know how everything works here. There are a lot of guys that have been here before, so I’m also observing and watching and the different things I’ve learned throughout my career is there will be a time and a place about implanting it or discuss. We’re all here to make things better, to ultimately give us the opportunity to succeed. To do that you have to build a foundation and that is trust and getting to know each other. That’s why this part of the year is great because we come to work four days a week. You get an opportunity to get to know the guys and then you can build that trust and go from there.”

 (On how the move went for his family down to Jacksonville)

“It’s been great. We really enjoyed it. We’re still moving. Moving takes a long time. We’ve really enjoyed it. I’m blessed to have an amazing wife who we have gone through this whole journey together, my daughter, and we have one on the way too due in November. There’s a lot going on in our life. I’m not going to forget our dog, Henry, he would be mad at me. It has been a wild ride, but we’re excited to be here. My mother-in-law has been with us the last couple of days helping us move in and getting acquainted. It’s a really special time for us for sure.”

(On how involved he was in choosing their new home)

“I was extremely involved. I knew right away when we had signed here we looked online. We were trying to figure it out quickly because it happens fast and we eyed one that we loved, but you also have to go see homes. Right after we signed we went the next couple of days and found a place to live and it ultimately ended up being the place that I had a gut instinct on, and my wife agreed. We’re very blessed to be there.” 

(On his top must-have in his new house)

“For me, growing up since I was a kid I wanted a basketball goal and a little bit of a sport court. That’s what I got. I have always wanted that since I was a kid, so I’m going to be very safe on it. Shooting baskets is therapeutic for me. It’ll be the first time in my career that I have that since college.” 

(On why he likes to shoot hoops)

“In college my roommate and I, my roommate David Douglas, who was a receiver, we lived together all four years. We would go to the rec center one or two days a week and play horse, shoot around and maybe play a little bit of one-on-one during the season just to get away from everything, class, football and just take our minds off of it. When I was in Kansas City there was a basketball goal in the locker room, so we had fun playing horse and stuff like that. It’ll be fun to go home, put on some music, shoot for ten minutes and do what I have to do.”

 (On if he had college basketball scholarship offers)

“I was alright (laughs). I’m 30 now; I can still shoot. My jumping legs aren’t as good as they used to be, but I’m sure with this strength training and everything they will come back pretty quickly.”

 (On if he can still dunk)


(On the importance of the tight end)

“Tight end in this league right now is so important. The big reason is you want a guy that can go out and catch the ball. I have played with two of the best in the game; Travis Kelce and Zach Ertz and a young, up-and-comer Dallas Goedert, and I have also played with Brent Celek. I’m trying to get those guys’ names out just in case because I will get messages and they will get mad at me. It’s really important. You have to be able to run the ball with the tight end in the game, but they also have to be able to go out and catch the ball. It’s very hard to find guys that are good at both, but a key to a great offense is you really do need a good tight end.”

 (On if he is comfortable enough now to talk to the personnel staff about his feelings about tight ends)

“They’re going to make the best decision for this team and what this team needs. The guys we have here I’m getting to know them. I haven’t had an opportunity to throw with them yet. I was with [James] O’Shaughnessy in Kansas City, so there are a couple familiar faces. I’m going to let them make their decision and I’m going to do what I have to do in the locker room.”

 (On how patient he has to be building trust with his teammates)

“Trust is something you can’t just rush. That’s why you come in here each day. I don’t try to be anything other than myself. I think guys respect that. When they step in the huddle with me they’re not going to say, ‘This is the guy on game day, but then this is the guy that is different in the locker room and different outside of the facility.’ My goal is right here to be who I am all the time. That takes time. It was a lot of fun going out there and working today. Doing our conditioning test, going in the weight room and working, being in the meeting room, getting back to football and getting to see all the different personalities in this locker room. I have played for a couple coaches and one of their lines was, ‘Let your personality show.’ That’s what makes football such a special sport, is all the different guys from all the different backgrounds who come together in the locker room and go out there to achieve great things. This is the start of all that.” 

(On if he only was able to choose one would he want an elite tight end or an elite right tackle)

“To be honest, the foundation of an offense is always through the [offensive] line. It really is through the O-line. The guys I have played with – it’s really hard to run a successful offense without those guys up front. Not only from a skill perspective up front, but also the mindset. The thing I noticed the last couple years in Philly with those guys and the O-line was they are a special group of dudes. You step in the huddle and they have a great relationship. They know all their calls, but great personalities. A lot of fun to play with. I have gotten to know a little bit of the O-line these past couple of days and I see the same thing. Great personalities and it’s going to be a lot of fun stepping into the huddle with them, getting to know them, trusting them with calls, talking to them with the calls, but a foundation – defense – let’s flip it over. You have to have a great [defensive] line. It all starts up front. That’s football and then you build all around that.”

 (Eagles RT Lane Johnson over Eagles TE Zach Ertz)

“No, no I didn’t say that (laughs). Once again those are guys that I love right there and I know I will hear from them if I make a statement. Both of those guys are great players.”

 (On if he likes the fact Philadelphia will be here for the first home preseason game)

“It’ll be crazy. I’ll be excited to go out there and compete against them with these guys. This is my home now. I couldn’t be more excited. Philadelphia knows how much I will always love them. I don’t have to lie about that. My wife and I are grateful to be here and excited to be here for a long time, but it takes a lot of work and ultimately going out there and winning games. It will be fun to compete against Philadelphia.”

 (On if he will jokingly trash talk during the game)

“That’s not really my style. They know that as well. I’m sure they’re going to have a little bit of trash talk just to have fun with me. You build relationships through the years. I have great relationships in that organization, but it will be fun to compete against them. It’ll be fun in warm ups to be across from them. Ultimately that’s what this game is about.”

 (On how deep into the playbook can the team get during the time of year)

“The goal is to get everything down this time of year. It’s a ten-week program and then you get that break so you can fine-tune it and review it, but the goal is to get everything down this time of the year. Then you will probably do a similar install during training camp and then once the season starts that’s where the game planning changes a little bit.”

 (On how far into the playbook is he now)

“We just started today.”

 (On Coach Marrone wanting the quarterback to know more about the offense than anyone)

“I would say if you are running the offense you should know it pretty well. Ultimately, the quarterback, you’re the one that is going to change plays if need be. If it’s built in, we’re going to have plays where there are multiple plays within one or if we need to change a route. Flip and I have been together before so we understand each other’s mentality. That’s the big thing. A play caller and a quarterback, you have to build that relationship and know how each other work. There’s a foundation set for Flip and me. We just have to build on that. It’s going to be a little bit different. There’s some verbiage that is different, but this time of year – teaching the guy the verbiage, me learning the stuff that is a little different for me and then teaching all the guys what I expect, what I see, what I feel, so we can be on the same page. That’s where this time of year is so valuable.”

 (On building on his familiarity with DeFilippo and learning the new nuances of the offense)

“This is Flip’s first year, so it’s basically Flip’s offense and what they want to do here with the guys here. That’s how it is everywhere you go. You get all these coaches from all these different backgrounds, so when they get together they build the best offense that they deem possible for this team. That’s what they have done and now they’re teaching us. That’s how every team works.”

 (On how much time he will need to completely learn the playbook and how much is it reduced because of his previous stops with DeFilippo)

“I don’t know if I can give you a time, but I can say it really helps. It really helps when you have a background in offense where there are similarities. It really gives you a head start as opposed to if you go to an offense that is totally different schematically and verbiage-wise. It’ll take a little bit longer. Because there are similarities, we’ll be able to go a lot faster. I’ll be able to ultimately teach the guys and talk to them at a high level to where they can understand what I see and then if they don’t understand then I can help them with that.”

 (On how helpful it is to have DeFilippo here to ease the transition to a new team)

“It’s wonderful. Anytime you know someone and you get along with that person and you’re on the same page and you get to go forward on a new journey, it’s huge.”

 (On if there has been one person in the locker room he has leaned on to begin to understand the culture of the team)

“Calais and I talked several weeks ago on the phone for a little while because I wanted to hear about his time here and what the locker room is like here. I didn’t know. This is all new to me. We had a great conversation. Ultimately, it’s important for me to understand the people here and what has been going on, what they see, what is the rhythm of the week, how they practice, how they prepare and stuff like that is good for to know, so I can acclimate quicker. You chose a great one. [Campbell] is a guy I have admired since I have been in the NFL. He’s a guy that is one of the best in the league, but you can tell by the way he handles himself that he is a pro’s pro and he is more than a football player. That’s really special.”

 (On if he will watch the Jaguars 2018 offense to get acclimated with the returning players’ playing style)

“There might be some clips of that. A lot of it will be getting a feel throwing with them. Honestly, we saw a lot of Jacksonville offense last year when we were studying film of defensive opponents who we were playing because Jacksonville had played similar opponents. We saw the offense and the different personnel a lot last year. I sort of have an idea coming in. A lot of it will be getting that feel and timing throwing with them. That’s how I work.”

 (On who else on the team has he played with)

“Chris Conley and I played together in Kansas City. Benny Cunningham, Cody Davis, Parker Ehinger. There might be one I’m missing, but there are some guys I have played with before, which is really cool because this is a different part of all of our journeys and we can come together again and do something special.”


(WATCH) Torrey Smith: ‘Nick(Foles), Carson(Wentz) are two of the best leaders I’ve ever been around’

Carson Wentz and Nick Foles are two guys who had a lot of success in Philadelphia, especially during the 2017 NFL season. For Wentz, he led the Eagles through most of the 2017 season and put the team in position to have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, while Foles was able to finish the job after Wentz went down with an injury by leading the Eagles to a victory in Super Bowl 52. Foles would step in for Wentz last season after Wentz went down with a back injury and lead the Eagles to the playoffs in 2018.

Foles was rewarded for efforts when he signed a four-year, $88 million deal with the Jaguars this offseason, while Wentz will return to lead the Eagles in 2019.

Last season, some Eagles’ players reportedly had some issues with the leadership style of Wentz, and Wentz later acknowledged himself that he could have been a better teammate in 2018.

However, according to former Eagle and current Carolina Panthers WR Torrey Smith, both Wentz and Foles are great leaders.

“Nick(Foles), Carson(Wentz) are two of the best leaders I’ve ever been around, period. Coaches, players, classmates, whoever,” Smith said at his 8th annual charity basketball game in Baltimore on Saturday.  “They are like models for who you want your kid to be like, your daughter to date, your team to be led by, so there’s no surprise that we had success with both of them leading the team when I was there… Those are the two dudes that I love to death as players, as people.”

High praise from Smith, and you can’t argue with success both guys have had with the Eagles.

Ultimately, Smith is looking forward to seeing Wentz and Foles perform in 2019.

“I can’t wait to see what Nick does knowing what he’s been through in his journey, and I can’t wait to see what Carson does with a healthy year because he’s gets hurt one game later, he’s the MVP, right,(2017 season),” Smith said. “That’s just the way this business goes, and Foles obviously is a legend for helping to pick up the torch and lead the team to a Super Bowl victory. But, he’ll be down there in Jacksonville, and he’ll have an opportunity to be the guy and not have to worry about trying being second. So, I’m excited for him to have that opportunity and to shine.”

For more information about Torrey Smith’s Family Fund, please visit the website:

Listen to the complete interview below:




Foles: ‘I think the greatest year of football I had was St. Louis (2015) because I lost the joy of football’

After the 2015 NFL season, newly signed Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles was pretty much done with football. Foles, who was traded by the Eagles to the Rams after the 2014 season, was ready to walk away from the game after he struggled mightily in St. Louis, but he changed his mind and slowly rebuilt his career.

In 2016, Foles reunited with Andy Reid in Kansas City, the man who drafted Foles in 2012 when Reid was in Philadelphia. Foles would be the backup to Alex Smith in 2016.

Then, in 2017, the Eagles came calling, and Foles would sign a two-year deal to backup Carson Wentz. Unfortunately for Wentz, his season would end after tearing his ACL in Week 14 against the Rams. Foles started the final three games of the 2017 regular season and all three postseason games for the Eagles. He completed 77 of 106 passes (72.6 comp. pct.) for 971 yards and six TDs in the postseason, registering a 100-plus passer rating in all three games. Foles threw for 373 yards and three TDs and added a 1-yard TD reception in the Eagles’ 41-33 victory against the Patriots in Super Bowl LII, earning Super Bowl LII MVP honors.

Last season, the Eagles went 4-1 in Foles’ five regular season starts, including three straight victories to conclude the season and earn a spot in the postseason.

Now, Foles is moving on. The 30-year-old quarterback has signed a four-year deal with the Jaguars, and according to the NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, the contract is worth $88 million.

As tumultuous as the 2015 season was for Foles, he believes it made him a better person.

“I think through all the ups and downs, I just sort of figured out who I am,” Foles said at a press conference on Thursday. “I think a lot of times, especially in the NFL, you sort of lose your identity or this [football] just becomes who you are and deep down there is something more inside of you than that.

“I think the greatest year of football I had was St. Louis (2015) because I lost the joy of football and I was going to step away. Without that season, I wouldn’t be the player I am today or the person I am. That’s through the trials of life. I have talked about the trials and the ups and downs and it’s all come down to that I’m not afraid to speak on what’s really going on in my life or my heart and how to overcome it.

“I’m not afraid to speak that way with my teammates, so they know. Because the more transparent and real I can be, it’s important. When I step on the field, I want my teammates to know that this is who I am. I’m not this way on the field, and then I leave the stadium, or I leave the facility, and I’m one way. This is who I am as a person. It’s those ups and downs through football and through life that have made me equipped to handle this. Again, this is a new challenge for me. This is something that I look forward to because it is a challenge. It takes faith.”

Foles has a great story. It’s the stuff that makes great movies. In 2019, he will be expected to perform at a high level in Jacksonville, but if what we saw in the past is any indication, Foles will handle the pressure just fine.

Marcedes Lewis on Jaguars: ‘I think they get (Nick)Foles for a couple of years’

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a lot of struggles at the quarterback position last season. QB Blake Bortles was very inconsistent, and he was one of the reasons the Jaguars were 5-11 in 2018. This was after the team made it to the AFC title game in 2017.

At this point, Jacksonville has a decision to make at the quarterback position. Do you bring back Bortles, which seems unlikely, or do you go out and get a quarterback in free agency or the draft.

According to reports, soon-to-be free agent QB Nick Foles, who won a Super Bowl with the Eagles in 2017, and led them to the playoffs last season, has been connected to the Jaguars, and according to former Jaguars TE Marcedes Lewis, who himself will be a free agent after spending last season with the Packers, signing Foles is not a bad move for Jacksonville, but he thinks it will be a short-term deal.

“They get a guy that can distribute the ball,” Lewis told TMZ Sports. “Foles has proved that he can go out there and do his thing. What do you do? Do you bring Foles in for a couple of years and draft a quarterback? That’s the biggest question.

“Do we want to go out and get a quarterback in the draft, or do we sign Foles to a long-term deal? I think they get Foles for a couple of years, pay him whatever it is, 16 a year, 17 a year; draft a quarterback.”

Lewis is a big fan of former Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins. He thinks signing Foles and drafting Haskins might be the way to go for Jacksonville.

Foles, 30, is an upgrade for the Jaguars, but at times, Foles has been inconsistent. We saw bad Foles during his time with the Rams, and we saw good Foles during the Eagles’ Super Bowl run in 2017. Also, with the Jaguars bringing in John DeFilippo as the offensive coordinator, who was Foles’ QB coach in 2017 with the Eagles, it’s only logical to think  Foles to Jacksonville makes sense.

I think signing Foles to a short-term deal and drafting a QB is not a bad idea, especially if Jacksonville, who has the seventh overall pick in the draft, can get their hands on a QB that they like. Unfortunately, if the Jaguars do like Haskins, he might not make it past the Giants, who pick six, but all that will be sorted out soon.

In the meantime, free agency gets started next week, so we’ll see what direction the Jaguars decide to go at the QB position.

Shannon Sharpe thinks the Eagles could have a problem if Foles plays well(VIDEO)

A wise man once said, “If you have two quarterbacks, you have none.” However, for the Eagles, they legitimately have two starting quarterbacks. You have the guy who was on his way to being the MVP last season before his injury in Carson Wentz, and they have the Super Bowl MVP in Nick Foles.

Wentz, who is returning after tearing his ACL and LCL last season, has not done any 11-on-11 drills, but that could happen soon, according to the third year quarterback.

“I think there’s been really no secret that it’s going to be close,” Wentz said on Tuesday as transcribed by ESPN. “Seeing where I’m at in camp and finally, hopefully next week, doing 11-on-11, I think naturally it’s going to be close. Ultimately, it won’t be just my call or the coaches’ call. It will come down to what the doctors say, really.”

Foles will start against the Patriots on Thursday night in Foxboro.

According to FS1’s Shannon Sharpe, if Foles starts the season, and gets off to a good start, the Eagles could have some issues.

Here is what Sharpe said on Undisputed today:

This could be an issue for Eagles, but quite frankly, it’s a good problem to have. Whether it’s this year or next year, the Eagles will be Wentz’s team for years to come. Therefore, the Eagles are in a good spot no matter what happens.

Ex-Giant Baker talks issues with 1991 Giants and the possible similarities with 2018 Eagles(VIDEO)

The 1990 New York Giants were an amazing story. Not only were they able to win the Super Bowl that year, but they did it with an unlikely hero. QB Jeff Hostetler replaced an injured Phil Simms, who was lost for the year in Week 15  after breaking his foot. Ultimately, Hostetler would lead the Giants to an improbable victory over the Bills in Super Bowl 25.

However, the 1991 season did not go as smooth. New head coach Ray Handley, who replaced the retired Bill Parcells, had an open competition between Simms and Hostetler. Ultimately, Hosteler would get the job, but it was without controversy.

Former Giants WR Stephen Baker, who played with the team from 1987-1992, recalls what happened in 1991.

“Going into the following season(1991 season), if you remember, it was kind of crazy,” Baker told “They were like, ‘A quarterback is not supposed to lose his job to injury.’ But we had a new coach by the name of Ray Handley, who came in and changed everything. He started Hostetler, and we just went with it as a team.”

Eventually, Simms would get the job back after Hostetler went down with a back injury in Week 13. The Giants would finish 8-8, and miss the playoffs in 1991. Handley would return the following season but was fired after the team went 6-10 and missed the playoffs for a second consecutive season.

Fast forward to 2018. The Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl 52 with backup QB Nick Foles after Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL in Week 14. Foles was named Super Bowl MVP, but unlike the 1991 Giants, there won’t be a QB competition. If Wentz is healthy, he gets his job back, which according to Baker, could lead to some controversy in Philly.

“To me, it seems like it would divide the locker room a little bit,” Baker said. “He’s the Super Bowl MVP, and your Super Bowl MVP is going to be sitting on the bench.  Carson Wentz is going to be your man, then get rid of Nick Foles, so you don’t have that. Now, you got some controversy. Fans will turn on the Eagles, too, if Wentz comes in and does not have a great game. They gonna be like, ‘Put in our Super Bowl MVP.’ Then, you got a divided locker room, and then you got the Eagles right where I went them: fighting each other so the Giants can get back on top.”

Regarding Foles, Philly did re-work his contract, which gave him a raise and basically will keep him with the team for the 2018 season. Concerning Wentz, there is always the possibility that he could struggle early in the season, which could cause some controversy.

Could the 2018 Eagles season end up like the 1991 Giants? I don’t think so. After the 1990 season, the Giants lost head coach Bill Parcells and defensive coordinator Bill Belichick. Conversely, Philly will bring back most of their coaching staff from 2017. They did lose their offensive coordinator Frank Reich and QB coach John DeFilippo. However, Doug Pederson calls the plays, so those losses may not be that big.

Furthermore, the Eagles still have a lot of young talent on the defensive side of the ball, and they have a budding star in Wentz. The 25-year-old QB could easily have been an MVP last season.  Therefore, Philly has an excellent chance to get back to the Super Bowl, but if injuries happen, and Wentz does not regain that 2017 form, and Foles plays like he did with the Rams; maybe, just maybe, the 2018 Eagles could end up like the 1991 Giants.

Listen to our interview with Baker below:

Ex-Eagle Avant questions whether fans, players will be okay with Foles going back to the bench(Video)

When Eagles QB Carson Wentz went down in Week 14 with a torn ACL against the Rams, the thought was when Wentz is healthy he is the starter in Philadelphia. Then, the impossible happened. Nick Foles stepped in and would eventually help the Eagles win Super Bowl 52 and become Super Bowl MVP.

With all that Foles accomplished last season, if Wentz is healthy Week 1,  Foles goes back to the bench.

Former Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant believes that won’t be a problem for Wentz and Foles; however, Avant thinks others may have an issue with the situation:

“The only thing I think everybody is naive of is that the city won’t be able to handle it great,” Avant recently told “The media won’t be able to handle it, and sometimes, people in the locker room may not be able to handle certain things, so I think it’s the people around them that’s going to struggle with it.”

It should be interesting to see what would happen if Wentz has some struggles early in the season. Would the fans turn on him? Would be very interesting to see.

Listen below as Avant talks Foles and Wentz, the Eagles chances of repeating, and his upcoming appearance in the American Flag Football League:




Jason Avant on Foles: ‘He’s the best two-minute QB I’ve ever played with'(Video)

Nick Foles run to Super Bowl 52 was special. The Super Bowl MVP went head-to-head with the great Tom Brady and got it done. While many were surprised by what Foles did in these playoffs, his former teammate Jason Avant was not. In fact, Avant expected Foles to do well.

“Nick always had the ability to get hot,” Avant told “He’s the best two-minute quarterback I’ve ever played with,”

High praise from Avant considering he played with such quarterbacks as Donovan McNabb, Cam Newton, and Mike Vick.

Listen below as Avant talks American Ninja Warrior, his new endeavors, and Nick Foles:



New England Zoo names baby goat ‘Foles’

Super Bowl 52 was a great moment for the champion starved fans of Philly. The Eagles get their first Super Bowl victory, and Philly gets their first professional sports title in 10 years.

None of this would have happened without the greatness of Super Bowl 52 MVP Nick Foles.

Earlier this week, Foles received some more love. You see, the Philadelphia Zoo and Zoo New England made a little wager.

Here were the terms of the bet:

If the Patriots win Super Bowl 52, the Philadelphia Zoo will name their next born goat “Brady.” If the Eagles win, Zoo New England will name their next born goat after the Philadelphia quarterback, “Foles.”

Well, the Eagles won, and that new goat was born, and, of course, he was named “Foles.”

Take a look at the goat:

Brady might be the “GOAT,” but Foles was the “GOAT” on that Sunday in February.

Skins’ DeAngelo Hall: ‘Get rid of Foles; you don’t need him'(WATCH)

One of the biggest questions coming into this offseason is what will the Philadelphia Eagles do with QB Nick Foles.

Foles, 29, who led the Eagles to a win in Super Bowl 52, has one year left on his contract.

The issue for the Eagles is will their starting QB Carson Wentz(ACL) be ready for the start of the season. If he is ready, trading Foles is a no-brainer. If he is not ready, then it becomes complicated.

Washington Redskins DB DeAngelo Hall thinks Philly should move on from Foles.

Here is what Hall told ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday: