Jaguars’ Marrone: ‘I believe that [Nick Foles] gives us the best chance to win’

When Nick Foles returned for the Jacksonville Jaguars(4-7), the hope was he would give the team a boost. But, that has not happen. However, it is not all his fault. 

In his two starts, the defense has given up 75 points and allowed 483 yards rushing. While they did score 20 points on Sunday against the Titans, the Jaguars’ offense has not been great with Foles. Jacksonville’s two touchdowns happened after they were down 35-3.

So, with Jacksonville not playing well, do the Jaguars go back to Gardner Minshew?

On Monday, Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone discussed the team’s quarterback situation.

 “I’ve always tried to take pride in myself that the quarterback is not treated differently, meaning that when you’re in front of the team, and you can correct a quarterback,” Marrone said.  “I’ve always been involved in a lot of different type of philosophies when I was an assistant of what coordinators or head coaches had. I don’t necessarily believe – I think you look at each position the same way. Is this player, in whatever position he’s in, giving us the best chance to win and I think you make decisions like that.

“What gets difficult is when you have a player in a position that is inconsistent, and you really don’t have any place to go except to try to coach him better and do things to get it clear. Whether it’s cutting things down, and that’s usually the first thing that you do to eliminate errors, or if it’s a point of not having the right players in position, then you have to do more to hide your deficiencies. And those are conversations that we had today. So, with the quarterback position, I look at how it is right now, I believe that [Nick Foles] gives us the best chance to win. And I evaluate it like everyone else and I try to treat that position the same.”

Even though Foles is 0-3 as a starter in 2019, he does give Jacksonville the best chance to win football games. The Jaguars may not have much to play for in the final five games of the 2019 season, and It should be interesting to see if Marrone goes back to Minshew once Jacksonville is officially eliminated from the playoffs. 

For now, Foles and the Jaguars hope to end their three-game losing streak against the Buccaneers.

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