Bills’ Lorenzo Alexander breaks down Super Bowl 52

We are days away from Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. As the game approaches, they’re many questions to ask and many things to discuss regarding who will come out on top.

Will it be the Eagles or will Brady and Belichick win number six?

If there is any player that knows the Patriots, it’s Buffalo Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander, whose Bills played the Patriots twice this season.

We asked Alexander what he expects to happen on Super Bowl Sunday:

“It’s going to really come down to if the Eagles are able to play four quarters where they don’t have any situations where they beat themselves,” Alexander told the Go4it Podcast hosted by Paul Gant. “Whether it’s a penalty, maybe a mistake within the scheme,  a blown assignment, or anything of that nature. The one thing I learned about playing the Patriots over the last couple years and really watching them throughout my career is they don’t make any mistakes. I mean last game they had one penalty, so they don’t get any calls called against them.”

“They(Patriots) gonna be well coached, have a great scheme and game plan for you. But with this team, they’re beatable. They(Eagles) just have to show up and make plays consistently for four quarters.”

Alexander sees Eagles Pro Bowl DT Fletcher Cox as the key to this game for Philadelphia:

“I really think the difference maker is gonna be Fletcher Cox in this game versus those guards of the Patriots. I think if there’s something that could be exploited it would be Fletcher and his ability to get after Tom(Brady). Get him off his spot, get him on the ground, and really be disruptive in the backfield in their run game as well.”

Alexander explains why he believes the Pats will win Super Bowl 52:

“Gronk(Rob Gronkowski) will most likely be back in that scheme, and as long as he’s in the game, and we even saw last week(against Jaguars) Tom Brady and (Danny) Amendola are going to be able to make plays,” Alexander said. “They got Dion Lewis. I really like their defense. Obviously, Belichick is going to have a great scheme versus Nick Foles and that offense. They been in that situation, been there again. I think they’re going to end up winning the game.”

While Alexander believes the Pats will win, he does not necessarily want to see that happen:

“I don’t want them(Patriots) to win, but, hey, based off of what I’ve seen from both teams.. I’m not saying it’s gong to be a blowout. It’s going to be a well-fought game. The Patriots continually find ways to win in big moments, and in crunch time, even when it looks like they shouldn’t.”

Listen to Alexander breakdown Super Bowl 52 below at the 01:30 mark:



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