Bills’ Lorenzo Alexander on Josh Allen: ‘He’s a playmaker’

In 2018, the Buffalo Bills may have found something they have been looking for a while, and that is a franchise quarterback. Since Jim Kelly retired in 1996, the Bills have tried with many different guys, but they could not find that quarterback that could lead the franchise. However, there might be a new day in Buffalo.

Quarterback Josh Allen showed a lot of things last season that should excite Bills fans. The number seven overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft showed an ability to not only use his arm, but use his feet as well. Allen rushed for 631 yards and eight touchdowns last season, and he also improved as a passer as the year went on. In his first six games, Allen threw only two touchdown passes, but in his last six games, he threw eight touchdown passes, which makes Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander very optimistic about 22-year-old’s future in Buffalo.

“He’s a playmaker,” Alexander recently told Paul Gant and the Go4it podcast.  “I think we got to see that… I did not give Josh as much credit as far as his athleticism, his ability to make plays with his legs.

“Obviously, from a quarterback standpoint, this offseason I know he’s going to focus on continuing to understand how to play quarterback at a high level, that football IQ, recognizing defenses, understanding matchups with his guys, and accuracy through working through his fundamentals and footwork, and all those little details that make you a great quarterback. And if he has that jump as I believe he will because of the character he has shown me over the course of last season, he’s definitely going to be an improved player.”

Some may argue that Allen needs to be smarter in terms of when to use his legs, but Alexander believes that is not a big issue at this point.

“He’s still young, he can take some punishment,” Alexander said. “He’s a big kid… I never want to handcuff his ability to make plays, so he has to be smart toward the end of those runs that he makes.”

Allen does need to become a better passer moving forward(10 TDs/12 interceptions last season). As for now, he seems to have the ability to be the franchise guy the Bills have wanted for years. If Allen continues to develop, the future could be very bright in Buffalo!

Listen below as Alexander talks Josh Allen at the 06:50 mark:


Bills’ Alexander explains why Nathan Peterman struggled in Buffalo(AUDIO)

Nathan Peterman had a very forgettable time with the Buffalo Bills. In two years and eight games with the Bills, including four starts where he was 1-3, Peterman threw three touchdowns and 12 interceptions. To say Peterman was terrible, is an understatement. Ultimately, the Bills saw enough and released Peterman back in November.

Fortunately, for the 24-year-old Peterman, he was able to get another chance. Jon Gruden and the Raiders signed Peterman in December. Now, Peterman, who was picked in the fifth-round by Buffalo in the 2017 NFL draft, will get another opportunity to showcase his skills.

Recently, Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander, who was a guest on the Go4it podcast with Paul Gant, explained why the second-year QB struggled in Buffalo.

“I see a guy that is a professional. He works hard,” Alexander told Paul Gant.  “Obviously, he probably doesn’t have the physical tools, on paper, as some of these other guys, but he is a guy that is going to continue to work. You don’t necessarily have to have those physical tools to be successful in this league.

“Obviously, he got a chance in Oakland. Obviously, (Jon)Gruden saw something in him as well that maybe he can help groom and work with, and be a viable backup when Derek Carr is not available. If not, maybe eventually become a starter somewhere down the line, but yeah, he didn’t perform well. Some of that is on Nate as he will acknowledge, and accept, and be accountable for, and some of it was his teammates.

“Obviously, quarterbacks, they get all the love, but I think sometimes when they are not doing as well, we continue to point the finger at them. When they’re probably the most dependent position on the field, and that’s for the great ones and the ones that struggle. You gotta have o-linemen blocking for you, you have to have running backs picking up blitzes; you have to have receivers getting open, and obviously, it’s their job to get the ball out on time and do it, but if you don’t have all of that going right, especially for a young guy, who may not be quite ready to play at this level. He is going to struggle, and that’s part of it, but if you have great pieces around him, I think it’s a little bit more easier for those guys to transition and grow. And we just did not have that; we weren’t ready to do that in Buffalo for Nate Peterman, especially being such a young football team this year.”

Buffalo did have some struggles in 2018, but they were a playoff team in 2017, and when Peterman got his opportunity against the Chargers that season, he threw five picks in the first half. It’s incredible that Peterman will get another chance in the NFL, especially when you consider that Colin Kaepernick has not played an NFL game in two years.

Hopefully, Peterman can take advantage of this opportunity in Oakland, and turn his career around.

Listen as Alexander talks Peterman at 09:34 mark of the interview, and make sure to check out the Go4it podcast on


Lorenzo Alexander on Taylor: ‘People don’t give him as much credit as they should’

Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor did something in Buffalo that has not been done in 18 years. Many quarterbacks have tried in Buffalo, but nobody could break the playoff drought except for Taylor.

Taylor led the Bills to a 9-7 record in 2017, and the Bills were able to make the playoffs for the time since 1999.

While Taylor was solid last season(2799 yds, 14tds), many believe that the Bills need to upgrade the position.

Taylor, 28, who is scheduled to make $16 million next season, which includes a $6 million roster bonus, has been on record as saying that he will not take a pay cut in 2018.

Taylor restructured his contract last season and took a $10 million pay cut to stay with the Bills. 

The big question in Buffalo is will Taylor return in 2018?

If it were up to Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander, Taylor would be back in Buffalo next season and beyond:

“He’s been very efficient for the three years he’s been here. Made a lot of big plays,” Alexander told the Go4it podcast hosted by Paul Gant. “People don’t give him as much credit as they should because of whatever reason.  He’s made a lot of awesome plays with his legs, extended plays.

“I know Tyrod will continue to get better, and hopefully, obviously bringing in a new offensive coordinator. I don’t know what their plans are obviously this year, but just making sure that playing to his strengths as a quarterback. And I think that’s what great coaches do in general.”

This is a tricky situation. Taylor is a solid quarterback. He has proven that he can lead a team to the playoffs. Also, Taylor protects the football. Taylor threw only four interceptions in 2017, but can he take you any further?

I’m not so sure he can, and I don’t think the Bills do either. Why else do you bench him during the season for Nathan Peterman?

If Buffalo does not think he is the guy, maybe you keep him for one year and find that QB of the future in the draft.

Bills’ Lorenzo Alexander breaks down Super Bowl 52

We are days away from Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. As the game approaches, they’re many questions to ask and many things to discuss regarding who will come out on top.

Will it be the Eagles or will Brady and Belichick win number six?

If there is any player that knows the Patriots, it’s Buffalo Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander, whose Bills played the Patriots twice this season.

We asked Alexander what he expects to happen on Super Bowl Sunday:

“It’s going to really come down to if the Eagles are able to play four quarters where they don’t have any situations where they beat themselves,” Alexander told the Go4it Podcast hosted by Paul Gant. “Whether it’s a penalty, maybe a mistake within the scheme,  a blown assignment, or anything of that nature. The one thing I learned about playing the Patriots over the last couple years and really watching them throughout my career is they don’t make any mistakes. I mean last game they had one penalty, so they don’t get any calls called against them.”

“They(Patriots) gonna be well coached, have a great scheme and game plan for you. But with this team, they’re beatable. They(Eagles) just have to show up and make plays consistently for four quarters.”

Alexander sees Eagles Pro Bowl DT Fletcher Cox as the key to this game for Philadelphia:

“I really think the difference maker is gonna be Fletcher Cox in this game versus those guards of the Patriots. I think if there’s something that could be exploited it would be Fletcher and his ability to get after Tom(Brady). Get him off his spot, get him on the ground, and really be disruptive in the backfield in their run game as well.”

Alexander explains why he believes the Pats will win Super Bowl 52:

“Gronk(Rob Gronkowski) will most likely be back in that scheme, and as long as he’s in the game, and we even saw last week(against Jaguars) Tom Brady and (Danny) Amendola are going to be able to make plays,” Alexander said. “They got Dion Lewis. I really like their defense. Obviously, Belichick is going to have a great scheme versus Nick Foles and that offense. They been in that situation, been there again. I think they’re going to end up winning the game.”

While Alexander believes the Pats will win, he does not necessarily want to see that happen:

“I don’t want them(Patriots) to win, but, hey, based off of what I’ve seen from both teams.. I’m not saying it’s gong to be a blowout. It’s going to be a well-fought game. The Patriots continually find ways to win in big moments, and in crunch time, even when it looks like they shouldn’t.”

Listen to Alexander breakdown Super Bowl 52 below at the 01:30 mark:


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