Eric Wood returns to Buffalo as radio color commentator

As announced this afternoon, Eric Wood has re-joined the Buffalo Bills organization as a member of the Media Content Team. Wood will serve as radio color commentator alongside John Murphy for Bills game broadcasts on WGR Sports Radio 550 and Entercom’s Bills Radio Network. He will also regularly contribute content to One Bills Live and all Bills media and content platforms. 

“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have spent my entire NFL career with the Buffalo Bills,” the former Pro Bowl center said. “Buffalo’s community, fans and organization are incredibly special to me and I am very proud to begin my broadcasting career with the people who provided so much support for so many years.” 

Wood originally joined the Bills as a first-round pick in 2009 and became the team’s starting center during the 2010 season. He spent nine seasons anchoring the Bills offensive line, starting a total of 120 games and earning a Pro Bowl selection in 2015. He was the team’s nominee for the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year Award in 2015 and 2016.

Wood replaces Mark Kelso as Bills color commentator, who has decided to step away from broadcasting after 13 years to focus more on his role with NASCAR racing team JTG Daugherty Racing. Pegula Sports & Entertainment and the Buffalo Bills sincerely thank Kelso for his contributions and service.



McDermott on Derek Anderson: ‘He brought a lot of wisdom to our team and the quarterback room’

After 14 seasons in the NFL, quarterback Derek Anderson has decided to call it quits. The 35-year-old Anderson two games for the Bills in 2018. He was 0-2 in those two starts. Anderson was signed by the Bills in October to replace the injured Josh Allen.

In December, Anderson signed a one-year contract extension with Buffalo and was expected to play in 2019, but he decided to retire, and according to Bills head coach, Sean McDermott, the team was not surprised.

“Yeah, I would say we knew about it as we started our off-season program. Probably a week or two before,” McDermott said about Anderson this week. “At the end of the day, we respect Derek’s decision. He’s been nothing but a joy to work with, all the way back to my time in Carolina and he provided a lot of value last year, not only on the field but off the field as well. He brought a lot of wisdom to our team and the quarterback room, in particular.”

Anderson best year was 2007 when he started 15 games for the Browns and made the Pro Bowl. In that season, Anderson had career-highs in passing yards and touchdown passes.

Expect Matt Barkley, who signed a two-year extension with Buffalo last season, to be the backup in Buffalo next season.

Bills’ Alexander explains why Nathan Peterman struggled in Buffalo(AUDIO)

Nathan Peterman had a very forgettable time with the Buffalo Bills. In two years and eight games with the Bills, including four starts where he was 1-3, Peterman threw three touchdowns and 12 interceptions. To say Peterman was terrible, is an understatement. Ultimately, the Bills saw enough and released Peterman back in November.

Fortunately, for the 24-year-old Peterman, he was able to get another chance. Jon Gruden and the Raiders signed Peterman in December. Now, Peterman, who was picked in the fifth-round by Buffalo in the 2017 NFL draft, will get another opportunity to showcase his skills.

Recently, Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander, who was a guest on the Go4it podcast with Paul Gant, explained why the second-year QB struggled in Buffalo.

“I see a guy that is a professional. He works hard,” Alexander told Paul Gant.  “Obviously, he probably doesn’t have the physical tools, on paper, as some of these other guys, but he is a guy that is going to continue to work. You don’t necessarily have to have those physical tools to be successful in this league.

“Obviously, he got a chance in Oakland. Obviously, (Jon)Gruden saw something in him as well that maybe he can help groom and work with, and be a viable backup when Derek Carr is not available. If not, maybe eventually become a starter somewhere down the line, but yeah, he didn’t perform well. Some of that is on Nate as he will acknowledge, and accept, and be accountable for, and some of it was his teammates.

“Obviously, quarterbacks, they get all the love, but I think sometimes when they are not doing as well, we continue to point the finger at them. When they’re probably the most dependent position on the field, and that’s for the great ones and the ones that struggle. You gotta have o-linemen blocking for you, you have to have running backs picking up blitzes; you have to have receivers getting open, and obviously, it’s their job to get the ball out on time and do it, but if you don’t have all of that going right, especially for a young guy, who may not be quite ready to play at this level. He is going to struggle, and that’s part of it, but if you have great pieces around him, I think it’s a little bit more easier for those guys to transition and grow. And we just did not have that; we weren’t ready to do that in Buffalo for Nate Peterman, especially being such a young football team this year.”

Buffalo did have some struggles in 2018, but they were a playoff team in 2017, and when Peterman got his opportunity against the Chargers that season, he threw five picks in the first half. It’s incredible that Peterman will get another chance in the NFL, especially when you consider that Colin Kaepernick has not played an NFL game in two years.

Hopefully, Peterman can take advantage of this opportunity in Oakland, and turn his career around.

Listen as Alexander talks Peterman at 09:34 mark of the interview, and make sure to check out the Go4it podcast on


Former Bills head coach Doug Marrone talks Kyle Williams

In life, all good things must come to an end, which is the case for Bills DT Kyle Williams. On Sunday, Williams will play his final NFL game against the Dolphins as he will call it quits after 13 seasons in the league.

Williams, 35, was a fan favorite with the Bills and spent his entire career in Buffalo. He started 177 out of 182 games played with the team. Along the way, he went to five Pro Bowls and was first-team All-Pro in 2014.

Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone, who was the head coach in Buffalo from 2013-14, is a huge fan of Williams and has nothing but high praise for the former LSU star.

 “I think the way you guys have heard me talk about Calais Campbell, I would talk the same way about Kyle Williams,” Marrone told the assembled media in Jacksonville on Friday.  “I have goosebumps. I get sad; I get emotional because I really can’t put into words how great of a player and an unbelievable story.

“The work ethic, the family; he’s one of those guys where I know his wife will call my wife and we’ll stay in touch and despite all the stuff, every time we’ve played them, he’s always one of those guys that kind of looks for you afterwards, and he’s a guy that I look for afterwards because the one thing about this game of football, the one thing that you’ll always appreciate is the adversity, the success or failure, whatever it may be, and the guys that you can walk together with, next to, and knowing that you’ve fought it the same way, you have an unbelievable respect for those players. Those are the things that you remember. You want to remember the good, and you really don’t want to remember the bad, and obviously, there is bad in everything.”

Williams will forever be loved by Marrone, and will forever be loved by the great fans in Buffalo. Kudos to Kyle Williams for 13 greats seasons in the NFL.

Jags’ Fournette suspended one game by the NFL

Leonard Fournette of the Jacksonville Jaguars has been suspended without pay for one game for violations of unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary roughness rules in Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills.

Fournette was ejected after throwing punches at Bills DE Shaq Lawson.

NFL Vice President of Football Operations JON RUNYAN issued the suspension for a violation of Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1, which prohibits unsportsmanlike conduct, including using abusive, threatening or insulting gestures to opponents and using baiting or taunting acts that may engender ill will between teams; Rule 12, Section 2, Article 12, which prohibits striking an opponent; and Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1(a), which prohibits throwing a punch at an opponent, even if no contact is made.

​In his letter to Fournette, Runyan wrote:

“Sportsmanship is the cornerstone of the game and the League will not tolerate game-related misconduct that conveys a lack of respect for the game itself and those involved in it… Video of the incident shows that you were not a participant in the play and that you ran from your sideline to the opposite side of the field to insert yourself as an active participant in a fight. Once you entered the fight area, you struck a member of the opposing team. Your actions adversely reflected on the NFL and have no place in the game.”

 Fournette will be eligible to return to the Jaguars’ active roster on Monday, December 3 following the team’s December 2 game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Bills’ Micah Hyde: ‘It’s the Buffalo Bills, everyone doubts us’

No one gave the 0-2 Buffalo Bills much of a chance against the Vikings on Sunday, including Vegas, who had the Bills as a 16.5-point underdog, but that’s why they play the game.

Behind a strong performance from Bills rookie QB Josh Allen(15-22, 196 yards, 1 TD, 2 more on the ground) and a stout defense, Buffalo routed the Vikings 27-6 at U.S. Bank Stadium.

According to Bills OT Dion Dawkins, being 16-point underdogs motivated Buffalo:

“No one thought that we were going to come in here and play the way that we did, except the people in this locker room now,” Dawkins said. “We can into the game fueled and ready to play.”

At one point, Buffalo was up 27-0 and kept the Vikings out of the end zone until late in the game.

Bills S Micah Hyde knows when you lose the first two games the way the Bills have, that everyone will doubt you:

“They pick against us every week. If we won the first two games, I would have said the same thing, but unfortunately we didn’t,” Bills S Micah Hyde told reporters after the game.  “It’s the Buffalo Bills, everyone doubts us, and they will continue to doubt us. We just have to put the work in and continue to do what we do. We know we are capable of doing, this is an example what we just did, and we need to just keep trying to do better.”

At 1-2, maybe this is the game that saves the season for the Bills and propels this team to bigger things, or perhaps it was just aberration. I guess we’ll find out in the next few weeks.




Lorenzo Alexander on Taylor: ‘People don’t give him as much credit as they should’

Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor did something in Buffalo that has not been done in 18 years. Many quarterbacks have tried in Buffalo, but nobody could break the playoff drought except for Taylor.

Taylor led the Bills to a 9-7 record in 2017, and the Bills were able to make the playoffs for the time since 1999.

While Taylor was solid last season(2799 yds, 14tds), many believe that the Bills need to upgrade the position.

Taylor, 28, who is scheduled to make $16 million next season, which includes a $6 million roster bonus, has been on record as saying that he will not take a pay cut in 2018.

Taylor restructured his contract last season and took a $10 million pay cut to stay with the Bills. 

The big question in Buffalo is will Taylor return in 2018?

If it were up to Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander, Taylor would be back in Buffalo next season and beyond:

“He’s been very efficient for the three years he’s been here. Made a lot of big plays,” Alexander told the Go4it podcast hosted by Paul Gant. “People don’t give him as much credit as they should because of whatever reason.  He’s made a lot of awesome plays with his legs, extended plays.

“I know Tyrod will continue to get better, and hopefully, obviously bringing in a new offensive coordinator. I don’t know what their plans are obviously this year, but just making sure that playing to his strengths as a quarterback. And I think that’s what great coaches do in general.”

This is a tricky situation. Taylor is a solid quarterback. He has proven that he can lead a team to the playoffs. Also, Taylor protects the football. Taylor threw only four interceptions in 2017, but can he take you any further?

I’m not so sure he can, and I don’t think the Bills do either. Why else do you bench him during the season for Nathan Peterman?

If Buffalo does not think he is the guy, maybe you keep him for one year and find that QB of the future in the draft.

Bills’ Lorenzo Alexander breaks down Super Bowl 52

We are days away from Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. As the game approaches, they’re many questions to ask and many things to discuss regarding who will come out on top.

Will it be the Eagles or will Brady and Belichick win number six?

If there is any player that knows the Patriots, it’s Buffalo Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander, whose Bills played the Patriots twice this season.

We asked Alexander what he expects to happen on Super Bowl Sunday:

“It’s going to really come down to if the Eagles are able to play four quarters where they don’t have any situations where they beat themselves,” Alexander told the Go4it Podcast hosted by Paul Gant. “Whether it’s a penalty, maybe a mistake within the scheme,  a blown assignment, or anything of that nature. The one thing I learned about playing the Patriots over the last couple years and really watching them throughout my career is they don’t make any mistakes. I mean last game they had one penalty, so they don’t get any calls called against them.”

“They(Patriots) gonna be well coached, have a great scheme and game plan for you. But with this team, they’re beatable. They(Eagles) just have to show up and make plays consistently for four quarters.”

Alexander sees Eagles Pro Bowl DT Fletcher Cox as the key to this game for Philadelphia:

“I really think the difference maker is gonna be Fletcher Cox in this game versus those guards of the Patriots. I think if there’s something that could be exploited it would be Fletcher and his ability to get after Tom(Brady). Get him off his spot, get him on the ground, and really be disruptive in the backfield in their run game as well.”

Alexander explains why he believes the Pats will win Super Bowl 52:

“Gronk(Rob Gronkowski) will most likely be back in that scheme, and as long as he’s in the game, and we even saw last week(against Jaguars) Tom Brady and (Danny) Amendola are going to be able to make plays,” Alexander said. “They got Dion Lewis. I really like their defense. Obviously, Belichick is going to have a great scheme versus Nick Foles and that offense. They been in that situation, been there again. I think they’re going to end up winning the game.”

While Alexander believes the Pats will win, he does not necessarily want to see that happen:

“I don’t want them(Patriots) to win, but, hey, based off of what I’ve seen from both teams.. I’m not saying it’s gong to be a blowout. It’s going to be a well-fought game. The Patriots continually find ways to win in big moments, and in crunch time, even when it looks like they shouldn’t.”

Listen to Alexander breakdown Super Bowl 52 below at the 01:30 mark:


Jags’ Marcell Dareus: ‘We can make it to the big dance’

Jacksonville Jaguars DT Marcell Dareus was a member of the Buffalo Bills for seven seasons, but that ended as he was traded to the Jaguars in October.

Now, Dareus, with his former coach in Buffalo Doug Marrone, who coaches the Jaguars, are getting ready to face their former team as the Bills battle the Jaguars in Jacksonville on Sunday in the wild card round of the playoffs.

Both the Jaguars and Bills have had long playoff droughts. For the Jags, it was 10 years, and for the Bills, it was 18 years.

While Dareus is happy for the Bills, he is focused on bigger things:

“I’m happy for them(Bills), but I gotta job I have to do. We gotta get to the Super Bowl, man,” Dareus told TMZ Sports. “Playoffs was expected, but now it’s time to make that big dance, man. We can’t let this team stop us. We gotta get there.”

Dareus is very confident in his team.  He believes the Jags have what it takes to make a long run in the playoffs:

“With the team like we have, great camaraderie, and just savages man. Guys are ready to make a run. We can make it to the big dance, man,” Dareus said. “We can make it to the big dance. We can contend with anybody. The sky’s the limit, man. We just gotta take one game at a time and keep rolling.”

While I believe the Jaguars will beat the Bills, I don’t see this team making a long playoff run. I just do not think their QB Blake Bortles is good enough. However, if their defense continues to get after the QB, if their run defense improves(21st against the run). If Leonard Fournette is productive in the run game, and if Bortles can make enough plays; maybe things can turn in their favor.