Conor McGregor: ‘I’ve never missed weight in my life’

Earlier this week, Floyd Mayweather speculated that Conor McGregor might not make weight for their fight on August 26. Mayweather told that McGregor is at 164 pounds, which is 10 pounds over the weight limit of 154 pounds for this fight. Mayweather said McGregor would pay a hefty fine if he misses weight.

McGregor had this to say on Wednesday about his weight:

“I’ve never missed weight in my life and it won’t be happening this time. I’ve had my nutritionist practically living with me throughout camp,” McGregor said at the final press conference for the fight. “We are ready and feel great at the weight right now. The weight has been taken seriously and Floyd can keep wishing that I’ll miss weight.”

We’ll see what happens at the weigh-in on Friday.

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