Celtics’ teammates not fond of Isaiah Thomas?

According to FOX Sports’ Chris Broussard, some of Isaiah Thomas’ teammates in Boston were not very fond of him.

Thomas, who was traded to the Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving on Tuesday, is expected to replace the scoring load of Irving in Cleveland.

Here is some of what Broussard had to say on FS1’s Undisputed:

“I will tell you this, I spoke to several executives, or texted with several executives (Tuesday night), and a lot of them were saying that a lot of the players in Boston really weren’t that fond of Isaiah,” Broussard said.

Should be interesting to see how Thomas gets along with his teammates in Cleveland. He is now going to LeBron James’ team.  He may have to adjust his game slightly, but he’s playing with LeBron, so life can’t be too bad.

By the way, where was all this talk when the Celtics were marching to the Eastern Conference Finals?

Listen to what Broussard had to say:


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