Ex-boxer Kevin Kelley: ‘Conor McGregor picked the right opponent’

The thought out there is that Floyd Mayweather’s decision to fight Conor McGregor on August 26 in Las Vegas was a “business decision,” and who can argue?  Mayweather, 40, could reportedly make over $300 million in this fight.  Quite frankly, Mayweather does not make that type of money against any other opponent currently in boxing.

McGregor, 29, is going to make a lot of money as well. The UFC star could reportedly make over $100 million. There is no way McGregor could make that kind of money in the UFC.

While many believe Mayweather picked the right opponent, former WBC featherweight champion Kevin Kelley believes McGregor picked the right opponent too.

Here is what Kelley told Fight Hub TV on Saturday:

“Remember, Floyd is not a puncher. Conor McGregor picked the right opponent, he didn’t pick Triple-G (Gennady Golovkin), he picked Mayweather because if he was doing a boxing match with puncher like Triple-G, the fight would be over. Now, he is doing it with Mayweather, not knocking him he’s a great boxer, but he’s not a phenomenal puncher,” Kelley said.

“The Flushing Flash” does believe Mayweather will win by decision.

Does Kelley have a point? Mayweather has not had a knockout since 2011, which was in controversial fashion against Victor Ortiz. That’s a long time!

Should be interesting to see if Mayweather can stop McGregor on August 26.




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