Cavs were close to getting Paul George?

On Monday, it was reported that LeBron James was unhappy and frustrated with the Cavaliers’ offseason. James was hoping that Cleveland would do more to improve the talent of the team.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Cleveland was close to doing something big! Woj, who was on ESPN’s The Jump on Tuesday, said the Cavaliers and Pacers were so close to a deal that Indiana was going to give Paul George permission to talk to Cavs owner Dan GIlbert.

As it turns out, the deal was nixed by the Pacers, and Indy decided to trade George to OKC. George to Cleveland would have made LeBron happy, and it would have given the Cavs a better chance of beating the Warriors.

Listen below:

LeBron can opt out of his contract next summer. If things don’t change in Cleveland, could “King James” go elsewhere? ¬†Anything is possible!


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