Oklahoma’s Dakota Austin on Joe Mixon: ‘He’s not the person people portray him to be’

Joe Mixon’s reputation took a huge hit after a video surfaced of him punching a woman at a restaurant back in 2014 . Mixon, who ran a 4.43 40 at his pro day, was not invited to the NFL combine because of that incident.  Recently, one of Mixon’s teammates came out in support of him.

Former Oklahoma CB Dakota Austin gave his thoughts on Joe Mixon:

 “If you get know him, he’s a person that had to come out his shell to even start talking, but you get him to talk and open up,  he’s a great guy.  He has good intentions with everything.  It’s just with that incident wrong place, wrong time. He’s a great person. Whoever takes the time to get to talk to him, or even have a conversation, you’ll see he’s not the person people portray him to be,” Austin told Go4it’s Paul Gant.

I think Mixon deserves a second chance. I believe he will get it. Hopefully, he takes advantage of that second chance.

Listen to the whole interview with Dakota Austin as he discussed his pro day and more at the link below:


Interview comes in at 12:23

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