Cody Ford on Bills: ‘I could just see that this program is headed in the right direction’

Former Oklahoma OT Cody Ford is happy to be in Buffalo. Ford, who was selected in the second round by Bills after Buffalo moved up two spots(traded a second and fifth round pick to Raiders), was excited to hear the Bills call his name.

“One of the local reporters came up to me, and he was asking me about the process and things,” Ford said at a press conference on Saturday. “He asked which team I thought would be the best fit and where I wanted to play. I told him, I was like, “I really want to go to Buffalo.” And he was like, “Nobody wants to go to Buffalo.” And I was like, I was just feeling it right now. Me and the O-line coach [Bobby Johnson] really hit it off. We had multiple meetings between the combine and pro day. It was just a great interaction with him. I could just see that this program is headed in the right direction.”

Ford cites his relationship with Bills OL coach Bobby Johnson as one of the reasons he wanted to be with the Bills.

“Mainly, his coaching style kind of resembles the coaching style I’ve been used to,” Ford said about Johnson. “And what he expects from his players is kind of what I bring to the table. And just the family atmosphere here is kind of what really made me be like I want to go to Buffalo.”

At 6-3 and 329 pounds, Ford is a load, and before last season, Ford was a guard, and some believe he is better suited to play that position on the next level, but according to Ford, he believes he can play on the outside in the NFL.

“For me, it’s all about proving myself and proving to people what I can do,” Ford said. “For Buffalo allowing me to start out at right tackle, giving me a chance to prove my myself and prove my athleticism and everything I can prove at the tackle position to everybody else is a great honor. And then if need be, if they need me inside then I’ll move inside because I’m here to win football games.”

And Bills GM Brandon Beane agrees with Ford, he thinks Ford belongs on the outside.

I would say position one for us right now would be right tackle, but we do like the versatility to go inside,” Beane said during a conference call on Friday. “He’s smart and physical and would be fine in there.”

In 2018, Ford started 14 games for Oklahoma, and was a third-team All-American.

It’s not every day that players want to be in Buffalo, but the Bills seem to be moving in the right direction, and Cody Ford hopes to keep it going in that direction.

Oklahoma’s CB Dakota Austin: ‘I’ll definitely raise eyebrows’

Pro Days are an opportunity for players to show the league what they can do. For Dakota Austin, his Pro Day was going to be his chance to convince a team to pick him up on draft day.  Unfortunately for Austin, things did not go his way. Austin ran 40-yard dash at 4.80 at his Pro Day. Austin told Go4it’s Paul Gant what went wrong. “In the beginning, I couldn’t stop cramping, and that affected a lot of my drills early, but drills toward the end,  I felt like they got to see a glimpse of what I really had to show.” According to Austin, he ran a 4.5 40 two days before his Pro Day.

Austin does have some regrets about running while not being completely healthy.  “I shouldn’t of ran it at all, I shouldn’t even ran it. Like, I should have just waited and stretched some more. I felt like I gave them the wrong impression. During drills you could see a lot more of my speed and quickness. I know they knew something was up.”

While Austin has some doubts about whether he will be drafted, he believes all he need is an opportunity. “I’ll definitely raise eyebrows. Being invited to camp, that’s all I need.

Interview comes in at 12:23

Oklahoma’s Dakota Austin on Joe Mixon: ‘He’s not the person people portray him to be’

Joe Mixon’s reputation took a huge hit after a video surfaced of him punching a woman at a restaurant back in 2014 . Mixon, who ran a 4.43 40 at his pro day, was not invited to the NFL combine because of that incident.  Recently, one of Mixon’s teammates came out in support of him.

Former Oklahoma CB Dakota Austin gave his thoughts on Joe Mixon:

 “If you get know him, he’s a person that had to come out his shell to even start talking, but you get him to talk and open up,  he’s a great guy.  He has good intentions with everything.  It’s just with that incident wrong place, wrong time. He’s a great person. Whoever takes the time to get to talk to him, or even have a conversation, you’ll see he’s not the person people portray him to be,” Austin told Go4it’s Paul Gant.

I think Mixon deserves a second chance. I believe he will get it. Hopefully, he takes advantage of that second chance.

Listen to the whole interview with Dakota Austin as he discussed his pro day and more at the link below:

Interview comes in at 12:23