Report: Aidos Yerbossynuly in coma after loss to Morrell

David Morrell, Jr. bloodIed and battered Aidos Yerbossynuly over 12 rounds before knocking him out in the main event on SHOWTIME from The Armory in Minneapolis.

Ahead 110-99 twice and 108-101 entering the final round, Morrell (8-0, 7 KOs) pressed to extend his four-fight KO streak. With just forty seconds left in the fight, Morrell did precisely that. The 24-year-old Cuban, who now lives and fights out of Minneapolis, flattened Yerbossynuly (16-1, 11 KOs) with a straight left hand followed by a right hook. It was the second time in the round that Yerbossynuly was dropped after a straight left hand sent him to the canvas for the third time in his career.

In a fight where over 1,100 combined punches were thrown, Morrell landed 39 percent of his punches and 47 percent of his power punches. He landed 64 more jabs and 91 more power punches than the game Yerbossynuly, who showed both skills and guts. Morrell’s 54 body punches landed was also a career-high. 

After the knockout, Morrell helped Yerbossynuly back to his corner. Eventually, Yerbossynuly was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for evaluation. According to, Yerbossynuly is in an induced coma to treat a brain injury, a subdural hematoma, and he is in critical condition.

According to, Ronnie Shields, Morrell’s trainer, felt referee Tomy Weeks should’ve stopped the fight as early as the eighth round.

Pretty scary situation. Hopefully, Yerbossynuly will pull through.

Photo: Ester Lin/Showtime

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