Eagles’ Pederson: ‘We’re not a very good football team’

It’s still early in the 2020 NFL season, but yesterday was a low moment for the Philadelphia Eagles. Sunday’s home game against the Bengals was an opportunity for the Eagles to get right, but due to turnovers, penalties, and overall lousy play, Philadelphia had to settle for a tie against Cincinnati.

On Monday, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson stated the obvious about the 0-2-1 Eagles; they are just not very good right now.

“Well, the glaring thing for me as the coach is we’re not winning the turnover ratio,” Pederson said via a video call. “We’re obviously giving the ball away more than we’re taking it away. The penalties yesterday were way too many, 11 penalties yesterday for almost 100 yards. I thought we ran the ball effectively for the amount of times that we ran it. [RB] Miles [Sanders] did a nice job there in the backs. And quite frankly, we have to find ways now to utilize the guys we have as we talked about earlier, creative ways to get these guys open, and whether we do that by formations, we do that by motions.

“We have to continue to coach our young players. We have to get them ready to go, and they’re the ones that are going to be playing on the perimeter for us. So, right now we’re not a very good football team, as I said after the game, we’re not very smart. We’re shooting ourselves in the foot. We’re leaving touchdowns on the field offensively, and we’re just not executing. And those are things that we’re going to really look hard at this week, and if we have to simplify, we’ll simplify. If we have to go up-tempo, we’ll go up-tempo, things that have been successful in the past.”

One player who has to step up for the Eagles to turn things around is Carson Wentz. In three games, Wentz is tied with Kirk Cousins for the most interceptions(6) in football. Additionally, Wentz has struggled with his accuracy, and he missed a wide open Miles Sanders late in the game against the Bengals.

In fairness to Wentz, his offensive line has been inconsistent, and he has lost some of his weapons to injuries, but again, he has to play better, which Wentz believes will happen for him and the Eagles’ offense.

“Obviously, I just have to be better [and] handle some of these,” Wentz said after the game on Sunday. “Some of them are communication, just making sure we’re on the same page with everybody, and some are just poor throws. I have to be better, and I will. We’re still meshing and gelling as a team and building the chemistry. [There were] a lot of moving pieces today, not as an excuse, but guys will continue to get this experience and learn from it. We’ll all be better, including myself.”

Can the Eagles turn it around? Maybe, but the next three weeks will be very tough. Philadelphia has to travel to San Francisco on Sunday, go to Pittsburgh the following week, and host the Ravens after that. If Philly does not play better, they could easily be winless after the first six games. So, the time is now for Philadelphia to get things right.


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