Eagles’ Wentz, Sanders, Graham, Mills react to tie against Bengals

They say in the NFL that a tie is like kissing your sister, and on Sunday, both the Cincinnati Bengals(0-2-1) and the Philadelphia Eagles(0-2-1) kissed their sisters. For the second time in their all-time series, the Bengals and Eagles ended a game in a tie. The last time these two teams ended a game in a tie was in 2008 when the Bengals and Eagles finished the game tied at 13. This time around, al Lincoln Financial Field, the two teams ended the game tied at 23.

Both teams came into the game winless, and both teams left the game winless. After the tie, Philly’s Carson Wentz, Miles Sanders, Jalen Mills, and Brandon Graham reacted.

Miles Sanders:

“Man, right off the bat, okay. I don’t see it as bad or good. Both teams have to look at the film and just see what we could have done better to get a W.”

Brandon Graham:

“For me, I am not happy about it. But I am more proud of how we fought in the end because the goal line stance to keep them to three, that was big. We could have easily folded right there. We could have been talking about a loss right now. I look at it that we have a lot of work to do, but at the end of the day, we are going to stay together. I am not really worried about it. I know the Bengals were going to come in, and they were going to fight. Every team we match up against, they are going to fight. There are no easy wins and no easy games. I just love that we stuck together through all the stuff that happened. We just messed up in the end. We can’t do that.”

Jalen Mills: 

“At that point, say we do try to kick a field goal, and we miss. Now that team has the opportunity to get field position back, and there’s still time on the clock, and maybe they get in a position to kick a field goal, and we do take the loss. There’s a lot of different ways the scenario could have went. At the end of the day, I mean we tied, and we just have to live with that. Come in on Tuesday, watch the film, look at the mistakes. Because at this point, you don’t care about any good that we did. The result wasn’t what we wanted. Look at the mistakes – offense, defense, special teams – and get them corrected.”

Carson Wentz:

“I don’t think I’ve ever been in a tie, so it’s just kind of an awkward way to end the game. [It’s] frustrating when you have a chance there to kick the [game-winning] field goal. Even with our drive offensively, a couple times, we felt we were in field goal range, and we had plays [then] we had penalties and things just kept backing us up. The fight was there; the effort was there from guys. We just have to play smarter, play cleaner. I have to be better, as well. It was a frustrating way to end the game, for sure.”

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