Eagles’ Pederson on Wentz: ‘He’s aggressive; we have to maintain that aggressiveness’

In four seasons, Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz has proven many things. He has shown the ability to play at an MVP level, which he did before getting injured in 2017. He had demonstrated the ability to carry a team, which he did last season when injuries decimated Philadelphia’s wide receivers, and because of the play Wentz, who threw for 4039 yards and 27 touchdowns in 2019, Philadelphia found a way to win the division and get a home playoff game.

Unfortunately for the 27-year-old Wentz, at times, health has been an issue. While he played all 16 games last season, he did get injured in the wild-card game, and Philly would ultimately lose to the Seahawks.

As he enters his fifth season in the league, Wentz will get his weapons back in wide receivers, DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery. Also, he got some help in the draft when the team selected wide receivers Jalen Reagor(first round), John Hightower(fifth round), and Quez Watkins(sixth round). According to Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, Wentz is doing a good job of leading the young players.

“With Carson, just he’s got another set of skill guys around him, a young group of guys,” Pederson said via a video call on Sunday. “What I’ve seen and what we’ve talked about a lot is his leadership with those guys, kind of carrying over what he did last year with those young players and how he can kind of shape and mold [them], which is great to see because these young guys are asking him questions when they are in there with him, and that’s something that Carson has embraced and will continue to embrace as the leader of the team.

“For Carson, it’s just a matter of running the show, running the offense, running the team. He’s going into his fifth year. He knows how to play this game. He plays it just like a professional. He knows how to play. He’s aggressive; we have to maintain that aggressiveness, and I think with just continuing to teach and maybe part of the injuries that he’s gone through in the last couple of seasons are things that he can learn from.”

With the big contract(four-year, $128 million) in hand, Wentz now has to find a way to stay healthy. He’s an elite quarterback in the NFL, and last season and 2017 showed that. Now, he must continue to grow as a leader, which has been questioned in the past. However, year five gives Wentz another opportunity to change the narrative and lead the Eagles to the playoffs and beyond.

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