Jones on replacing Eli in 2019: ‘It probably was a little bit awkward at certain times’

Going into the 2019 NFL season, the New York Giants were looking to give Eli Manning one last chance to get the team on the right track, but after starting the season 0-2, New York decided they had seen enough. The Giants would replace Manning with the sixth overall pick in the 2019 draft, Daniel Jones. 

Replacing Manning was a tricky thing for all parties involved, and Manning recently said in an interview that he thought the situation was awkward. The 22-year-old Jones agreed with Manning, which he discussed on Wednesday.

“I think looking back, it probably was a little bit awkward at certain times,” Jones said during a video conference call. “But we did a good job working together. I know I enjoyed working with him and certainly learned a ton from him and appreciate everything he did during that year. I don’t know. It certainly will be different, like we’re saying. Different in the room. But I really enjoyed working with Eli last year. I thought it was a huge advantage for me to be able to learn from him and talk to him every day. It will be different, it will be an adjustment, but I’m looking forward to this year and this team we have.”

The Giants are now Jones’ team. Fortunately for the second-year quarterback, Manning has since retired. In 2020, Jones will have an opportunity to establish himself as one of the leaders of the Giants, and with Manning enjoying retirement, it should be easier for Jones to make that happen. 

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