Giants’ Judge: ‘The fans are a huge part of this game, and we definitely want them there’

With sports on lockdown, many are hoping and wishing that it would come back sooner than later. However, if games do return, it will probably be without fans.

The NBA, which suspended their season on March 11, has been talking about a return, but it will reportedly be without fans and possibly only in two locations. While sports without fans is not ideal, it might be the only way we get games in any sport in 2020. 

According to New York Giants head coach Joe Judge, the Giants will prepare for anything, but the hope is to play in front of fans. 

“I think the one thing the league is being very considerate of is everybody’s safety,” Judge said via a videoconference call on Tuesday. “Players, fans, and everybody. I don’t think anyone wants to play in front of empty stadiums. The fans are a huge part of this game. Playing in front of stadiums, that’s where the juice and the energy comes from on a weekly basis. We don’t have fans at practice, so we prepare them every day without people watching. These guys have to go out, and they will be prepared for whatever the situation is. Truly, we want the fans there. It would be a different atmosphere. We prepare for whatever, but the fans are a huge part of this game, and we definitely want them there.”

It will be odd watching sports without fans, but based on how things are going, it’s hard to imagine NFL games with fans in the stands in 2020.

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