Wilder on Fury: ‘If he beat me, then why all the new trainers?’

In their first fight, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury went all 12 rounds in a fight that ended in a draw. Even though Wilder knocked Fury down two times in the fight, many believe Fury did enough to get the victory. 

The two will settle the score in the rematch on February 22 in Las Vegas.

After the fight with Wilder, Fury went on to win two fights in a row, but in his last fight against Otto Wallin, Fury was severely cut, and while he got the victory, he was not at his best. Following his win over Wallin, Fury decided to change trainers. Fury parted ways with Ben Davison and brought in Sugarhill Steward, who is the nephew of legendary trainer Emmanuel Steward, and one thing we know about the Stewards, is they love knockouts.

“I’m looking for a knockout,” Fury said on Monday. “That’s why I hired Sugarhill. He gets you to sit down on that big right hand. That’s what I’m looking for. There’s the game plan. If I wasn’t looking for a knockout, I would have sharpened up what I did in the last fight. I’m not coming for that. I’m looking for my 21st knockout.

“When I get him in there again, I’m going to make him feel the Fury. I’ve never been as sure of anything in my whole life. As sure as I was this morning putting this suit on. One hundred percent he can’t win. He’s got a puncher’s chance like anyone else. I’m much sharper and more fit now. I’m ready to rumble right now. I hope he trains hard and goes to bed, sleeping, thinking about me.”

Wilder does not understand why Fury would change trainers, especially if Fury felt he won the first fight.

“If he beat me, then why all the new trainers? Every day, it changes,” Wilder said. “Firing and hiring. He wants to talk about being out of shape the first time, but he was in great shape. He spent 100,000 pounds on all those camps. I still, to this day, have the same people with me, and I don’t need to change it.”

It should be interesting to see how different Fury looks against Wilder in the rematch with Steward in his corner. Fury is a boxer, and his best chance to beat Wilder is probably by boxing, so changing his style in the rematch may not be very beneficial for Fury.

Is this knockout talk all talk for Fury, or will he actually try to go for the knockout? We’ll see on February 22.

Photo; Scott Kirkland/FOX Sports

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