Eagles’ Pederson believes Eli Manning could motivate the Giants on Monday night

For the New York Giants(2-10), it has been almost three months since they won a football game. The last time this team tasted victory was on September 29 against the Redskins, in Daniel Jones’ second career start.

Currently, the Giants are on an eight-game losing streak, and with Jones probably out with a high ankle sprain, Eli Manning will likely get his first start in 11 weeks as New York goes on the road to face the Eagles on Monday night. 

According to Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, the return of Manning could be a good thing for New York. 

“I think that, obviously, having Eli have a chance to kind of watch from the sideline, to kind of observe and see how things have gone on the last few weeks, I think that’s just going to help— not only help him, but it’s going to help sort of jazz up the football team and kind of motivate the football team,” Pederson said on a conference call on Thursday.

“One of the things, one of Eli’s strengths obviously, is how he distributes the football to multiple people, and that’s something that he’s been able to do throughout his career and be successful. I don’t think it goes back to the old way at all. I think it’s something that Eli has probably sat and watched and observed, and he’s going to use that to his advantage.”

Jones has had his moments, but he turns the ball over a lot, so the more experienced Manning might do a better job of protecting the football. In 30 games against the Eagles, Manning is 10-20, including five straight losses, but this is an opportunity for the 16-year veteran to go out in style, and to Pederson’s point, I think having Manning in the game could motivate the team.

The Giants are probably a scarier team with Manning, and it should be fascinating to see what Eli shows up on Monday night.

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