Giants’ Barkley: ‘Our goal and every team’s goal is to go to the playoffs’

At 2-6 and on a four-game losing streak, the New York Giants are struggling. However, the great thing for the Giants is they play in the NFC East, which means they have shot to win the division, albeit a long shot, but a chance nonetheless. 

On Monday night at MetLife Stadium, New York has an opportunity to get themselves back into the division race when they battle the NFC East-leading Dallas Cowboys(4-3). 

When asked on Friday if winning on Monday could put the Giants in position to win the NFC East, Giants RB Saquon Barkley had this to say.

“Can it? Yes, it probably can, but is that our focus? No. Everything we want is still out there, our goal and every team’s goal is to go to the playoffs and compete for a super bowl,” Barkley said. “Is that still out there for us, yes, it is, and even though everyone wants to say what they want to say about our team, we understand everything that we want is still there.

“We’re not focused to have this game, win, and then go compete for the NFC East. You can’t go compete for the NFC East if you don’t just focus on tomorrow, and that’s another day to practice, get better, and prepare yourself for Sunday.”

Now, are the Giants really good enough to win the NFC East? Probably not, but beating the Cowboys gives them a chance. Furthermore, the Giants have two games left against the second-place team in the division, the Philadelphia Eagles, so we’ll see what can happen.

Every team’s goal should be the playoffs and the Super Bowl, but it’s clear the Giants, who have a young quarterback in Daniel Jones, still have some building to do. Therefore, playoffs and Super Bowl talk will probably have to wait until next year.

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