Eagles’ Pederson: ‘I think any time DeSean is on the field, defenses have to account for that’

When the Philadelphia Eagles brought back WR DeSean Jackson in the offseason, the thought was they would have a deep threat that teams would have to account for at all times. After his performance in Week 1 against the Redskins, where he caught eight passes for 154 yards and two touchdowns, many thought the Eagles’ offense would be tough to stop in 2019.

However, in Week 2 against the Falcons, the 32-year-old Jackson would injure his abdominal muscle and has been out of action ever since. At times, Philadelphia has had a difficult time stretching the field without Jackson. Fortunately for the Eagles(4-4), Jackson is close to returning and is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game at the Linc against the Bears(3-4).

“I’m optimistic that he’ll play,” Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said on Friday. “We are going to get through today, again. He’s had a great week of practice. He’s been limited on the injury report all week. We’ll get through today and tomorrow, and we’re optimistic that he can play.”

Obviously, the Eagles want Jackson at his best, but if Philadelphia can just get him on the field, that would be huge for the team.

“I think any time DeSean is on the field, defenses have to account for that, for that speed and his receiving ability,” Pederson said.”Whether or not he’s the primary on the route, could be a different story, but I think the respect of what he gets defensively, whether it takes two guys to defend him or if they are going to just put one guy on him.

“Yeah, it definitely helps us, I think as an offense when he’s on the field because he’s such a dynamic guy, speed guy, and really good leader for our young guys that are also playing at this time.”

The good thing for the Eagles is that even if Jackson can’t play this week, the team will have a bye the following week, which means he would have more time to get healthier. It’s clear that with Jackson in the lineup, Philly’s offense looks more dynamic, and the sooner they can get him back, the better off this team will be.

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