Minshew on Darnold’s MNF clip: ‘They probably shouldn’t have played that clip; that’s not cool’

It’s that time of the year where you are going to see a lot of ghosts and goblins, and on Monday night, New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold saw “ghosts” on the football field.

In the first half against the Patriots, Darnold, who was mic’d up for the game, said the following:

“I’m seeing ghosts,” Darnold said.

And boy did he see a lot of ghosts! The second-year quarterback completed 11 of 32 passes for 86 yards and four interceptions. Ultimately, the Jets would lose to the Patriots 33-0.

After the game, the Jets’ organization and Gase were not happy that the clip made air, and Gase had this to say on Tuesday:

“It bothers me, it bothers the organization,” Gase said. “Obviously, you never anticipate something like that happening. The fact that it did, it just gives us pause to really cooperate anymore because I don’t really know how we can allow our franchise quarterback to be put out there like that.”

Jaguars rookie QB Gardner Minshew, who will battle Darnold and the Jets on Sunday, agreed was Gase, and he had this to say on Wednesday.

“They probably shouldn’t have played that clip; that’s not cool,” Minshew said. “You put trust in these guys putting microphones in your face for the game, so I feel for him there for sure. It was a tough night for him.”

Obviously, what Darnold said is something you don’t want out there as a player and an organization. However, if you are ESPN, that clip was good television.

Hopefully in the future, someone will tell Darnold to watch what he says when he’s mic’d up.

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