Bills GM Brandon Beane: ‘We want to be more competitive’

With the start of the NFL season just days away, many teams around the league are excited about the possibilities, including the Buffalo Bills.

Last season, the Bills started slow, 3-7 after ten games, and finished decently at 3-3, to end the season at 6-10. It was not a great season, but the Bills seem to have found their QB in Josh Allen.

Bills GM Brandon Beane likes the progress that this team has made, and he hopes they can build on it in 2019.

“Yeah, we want to show growth in a lot of areas,” Beane recently said. “Last year our defense probably carried our team, we weren’t good enough in offense or special teams. I think you saw a lot of the moves that we’ve made this offseason, whether it was draft or free agency, was to improve and try and if our defense was here, and those two were here, try to close the gap. And so I think a lot of that, wins and losses are, we know, what Sean [McDermott] and I get judged on but sometimes there’s adverse situations that happened in the year.

“So, it would never do me justice to give you; I expect this number of wins. But, we want to be more competitive. We want our offense to win some more games for and not have to put too much on the defense. We want to be a balanced team. We want our special teams to improve and control, win the field position game. There’s a lot of factors, what’s our red zone, how’s our red-zone defense, how’s our red zone efficiency on offense. Where are our turnovers, is our team winning the turnover battle. Those things that, generally Monday morning you can point to, and this is why you won the game, or this is why you lost the game. If you win enough of those, I think the wind total will be where you want it at the end of the season.”

Buffalo has a chance, especially if Allen is who they expect him to be. In reality, the AFC East is not one of the better divisions in football. The Jets are the Jets, the Dolphins don’t have a quarterback, and while the defending champion Patriots still have Tom Brady,  they will probably miss TE Rob Gronkowski.

Defensively, Buffalo still should be a formidable unit, but as stated by Beane, the offense must bring more to the table, and that falls on Allen. First, he must stay healthy, and next, he must continue to improve as a passer. Anything is possible for the Bills but expect somewhere around 8-8 for this team in 2019.

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