Foles on Eagles Fans: ‘They travel everywhere’

When you win a Super Bowl, your name is talked about forever, and when you win a Super Bowl in the city of Philadelphia, you’re loved forever, which is the case with former Eagles QB Nick Foles, who helped the Eagles win Super Bowl 52, before signing with the Jaguars this offseason.

Recently, Foles and the Jaguars traveled to Baltimore to play the Ravens in their preseason opener, and while he did not play, there was a lot Foles jerseys in the stands, but it was not Foles number 7 jersey that he wears for Jacksonville, it was Foles number 9 jersey that he wore with the Eagles.

“That’s just sort of how it is. They travel everywhere, they’re all over the place, and when we were in Baltimore, there was a lot of my old Eagles jerseys in the stands and a lot of signs,” Foles said about Eagles fans. “‘It’s very humbling. ‘I’ve said ‘that’s an emotional place to me, but it was cool to see that we were able when I was there to impact a community, and ‘that’s why ultimately being here our goal is to grow together as a team and then continue to energize the community. And ultimately ‘that’s how we handle ourselves on and off the field and how we handle ourselves on game day, so ‘that’s what ‘we’re working towards here in Jacksonville.”

On Thursday, Foles will play his former team as the Eagles travel to Jacksonville to face the Jaguars, which will allow Foles to catch up with his former teammates— something that Foles is looking forward to doing.

“‘It’ll mean a lot to see those guys pregame and catch up with a lot of those guys,” Foles said. “They’re family to me, always will be. So, it’ll be good to see a lot of their faces and talk to them, see how ‘they’re doing. I know ‘they’re grinding through camp as well, so ‘it’ll be good to catch up with a lot of them.”

Foles is unsure how much he will play against the Eagles or any team this preseason, but he is okay with whatever the club decides.

“‘I’m going to leave all of those things up to coach,” he said. “All ‘I’m going to do is handle what I can control and ‘that’s coming out here and competing with my teammates, working hard, studying the film, working in meetings and walkthroughs and whatever he decides ‘I’ll go with.”

No matter what happens with Foles in Jacksonville, he should be happy to know that he will always be able to get some love from the Philly faithful.

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