Tank Davis thinks a fight with Tevin Farmer could lead to violence outside the ring(VIDEO)

Gervonta Davis and Tevin Farmer don’t like each other, and fortunately for them, they could have an opportunity to settle their beef in the ring. The two have had numerous confrontations on social media and in public, which has led to some bad blood.

Both guys have belts. Farmer has the IBF 130-pound title, while Davis has the WBA strap at that same weight class. After their victories, on separate cards on July 27, both Davis and Farmer called each other out.

Interestingly enough, according to Davis, if the two were to fight, there could be violence outside of the ring between the two camps because of the bad blood.

“Me fighting Tevin, just gonna be amazing,” Davis told The Breakfast Club in New York City on Thursday. “I think somebody gonna get hurt that night.. Outside the ring. Yeah, somebody gonna get hurt. It gotta happen in Vegas or L.A. or something. It can’t happen in New York.┬áMe and Tevin been beefing for so long.. We’ll probably fight before the fight.”

If the fight does happen, you hope that the violence will stay in the ring, and not outside the ring. The hate between these two fighters seems very real, which could make for a great fight.

Listen to the complete interview below:

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