Foles on Jaguars: ‘I’m really excited about being here and very fortunate to be here’

The last time Jaguars QB Nick Foles came into training camp as a starting quarterback, was in 2015 with the St Louis Rams, which turned out to be the worst season of his career. In 11 games, Foles threw only seven touchdowns and was picked off 10 times. Foles was ultimately benched that season and contemplated retirement.

Fast forward to 2019, Foles is a Super Bowl champion and signed a four-year, $88 million deal with the Jaguars this offseason. He is also the guy that Jacksonville believes could take them back to the playoffs and beyond.

The opportunity to lead the Jaguars is something that excites the 30-year-old Foles.

“I think whenever you get to run an offense that you really enjoy, and that you get to have a lot of say in, what quarterback wouldn’t love that? But it’s really just about the people that you get to do it with, and this team has really been bonding every single day,” Foles said on Monday as the Jaguars and Ravens hold a joint practice in Baltimore. “We’re getting closer and closer, and anytime you can go away from your city on a trip, and you’re practicing, you’re playing a preseason game, it just brings you closer together.”

Foles has won a Super Bowl and knows the importance of helping his teammates be the best they can.

“I think the big thing is I just need to be myself. Just be genuine,” Foles said. “I talk about it all the time; it’s just being genuine and helping these guys along. My philosophy is always in the quarterback room I want to help those guys develop as younger players, I want to help all of the different position groups just step on that field and feel confident because we’re a unit. And just teaching those lessons about, ‘Hey, this is the only play that matters, this play call. We’re playing for one another; you’re playing for the guy next to you.’

“The little things that I’ve learned from playing with so many talented players and coaches throughout my career I try to bring to the practice field every single day, and try to help my teammates, and like I said before, I’m really excited about being here and very fortunate to be here.”

Foles won over the locker room during his time in Philadelphia and is hoping to do the same in Jacksonville. However, he can’t win anything over if he is not playing well and the team is not winning, which many think the Jaguars can do in 2019, especially if Foles does his job.

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