Anthony Joshua on Miller: ‘The spirits know who you are and what you are about’

Heavyweight contender Jarrell Miller was about to have the biggest fight of his life on June 1 when he was slated to face unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua at Madison Square Garden. However, Miller was not able to stay clean enough to get to fight night.

Miller reportedly tested positive three times for banned substances and was denied a license by the New York State Athletic Commission. Miller was also suspended six months by the WBA.

Now, Joshua will battle Andy Ruiz on June 1.

Some, including WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, believe Miller should be banned for life, but others, like Joshua, believe Miller should get a second chance.

“I know what a second chance in life gave me. I made my own mistakes. It wasn’t anything to do with drugs and cheating, but in life,” Joshua told TMZ Sports.  “I would like Miller to have a second chance at life, but if he is going to carry on the same way and he has not really, truly learned, then the powers at be up above will not give him that second chance at life. The spirits know who you are and what you are about.  If you are a good person, and you are willing to make a change, good things will come to you. If not, nothing is going to come your way.”

Obviously, Miller messed up, but unfortunately, this is not the first time he has messed up. Miller tested positive for a banned substance in 2014 when he was a kick-boxer, so you have to wonder if this is truly an isolated incident.

We have seen many fighters test positive and get second chances, and I think Miller should get the same opportunity to prove that he is a “clean” fighter. He will probably fight again, but whether he gets another shot at the title could be a different story. I’ll guess we will have to wait and see.

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