Spence on Garcia fight: ‘This is definitely one of those crossover fights for me’

IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. is thought of by many in the sport as possibly the best fighter at 147. To date, the biggest name that Spence has defeated was former world champion Kell Brook, but that fight took place in the UK. Now, Spence is preparing for the biggest fight of career, and this time it’s on American soil.

On March 16 at AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, Texas(FOX Sports PPV), Spence will battle four-division world champion, Mikey Garcia. This fight will mark the first time that Spence will headline a pay-per-view, which means a lot to the Desoto, TX native.

“This is definitely one of those crossover fights for me,” Spence said at a media workout on Tuesday. “Garcia is the biggest name to date that I’m fighting on American soil. It’s just great being so young in my career, fighting in my first pay-per-view and fighting with a guy like Garcia who brings over a different fanbase.

“You can tell how I looked ten weeks ago compared to how I look now. I’m not overlooking Garcia. I’m in tip-top shape, slim and ready. The difference is that now in a pay-per-view fight you have to be more dedicated and focused to promote the fight, showing that you are a star in boxing and sports media.”

Spence(24-0, 21 KOs) has only gone the distance three times in 24 fights, and one thing that he has shown is a killer instinct, which enjoys showing in his fights.

“If you know me and you know my boxing style, you know I’m never in a boring fight,” Spence said. “Even if it’s just me beating up my opponent, or them just being hurt, I’m always going to try to stop my opponent and put on a spectacular performance.

“I put that pressure to look great on myself, not just because I’m undefeated or because everybody says this about me, I do it for myself to put on a great performance and a great show. I want to do that so great guys can look at me and think about if they want to fight me or not. That’s why a lot of guys don’t want to fight me.”

Garcia won’t be an easy night for Spence on March 16, and the pressure is on Spence because he is the bigger guy and the fight is in his own backyard. However, if Spence is who many say he is, he must win these type of fights.

Photo/Credit: Renato Rimach/TGB Promotions

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