Henry: ‘We were in the huddle, they were like, ‘You got to break a 99-yard’

Titans RB Derrick Henry is one of the unlikeliest players to have a 99-yard TD run, but Thursday night in Tennessee, Henry used his stiff-arm to rumble 99 yards to pay dirt as the Titans routed the Jaguars 30-9.

The third-year RB matched Tony Dorsett’s 99-yarder against the Vikings in 1983. Henry would finish the night with 238 yards and four touchdowns.

After the game, Henry, Titans head coach Mike Vrabel, and Titans QB Marcus Mariota described what they saw on that 99-yard TD run:

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel:

(on what he saw specifically on the 99-yard run by Derrick Henry)

“He just ran out of guys to stiff arm. Just be careful getting too close to him, because I think I saw three of them from the 30 on. He’s been great, because it hasn’t been perfect. I think his attitude has been great. I think when you’re not doing things well as a team, or as an offense, or defense, or special teams, you know, there’s an opportunity to get frustrated with what’s going on. But, I think you just keep working and staying the course, and I think that’s what we did tonight. We had a good week of practice. These guys were focused. This isn’t easy to come back a few days later, felt like you slept twice, and it was time for the game.”

Titans QB Marcus Mariota:

(on the stiff arms Derrick Henry delivered to the Jaguars defense on his 99-yard touchdown)

“It was incredible. There is nothing like it. To be honest with you, it looked like it got bottled up and then he found his way out of it. Once that guy gets in the open field, he’s so hard to bring down. It is, it’s a treat to watch.”

Titans RB Derrick Henry:

(on how he felt on the 99-yard touchdown run)

“Trying to catch my breath. No, I’m just kidding. It’s so crazy, because before when we were in the huddle, they were like, ‘You got to break a 99-yard.’ My main focus is to get positive yards, but when I had the ball and I got it, I just saw it and I just hit it. My stiff arm was working, so that’s all about that. But, like I said, it started upfront with those guys. All of us, 11 of us, executing that play for that to happen.”

 (on what he heard on the Titans sideline after he scored a 99-yard touchdown)

“Everybody was just going crazy. I’m trying to hit helmets with everybody, dap everybody up. It was a crazy play. Like I said, us as a whole, we executed that.”

(on what he did with the ball from the 99-yard run)

“I’m definitely going to keep mine. When I see Tony (Dorsett) again, you know, I got to spend a lot of time with him when I was at the Heisman. You know, he’s a legend. It’s cool to be in that company with Tony (Dorsett).”