Vikings’ Zimmer on Rodgers: ‘There aren’t enough superlatives to say about this guy’

When Aaron Rodgers went down with a knee injury in the first half against the Bears on Sunday night, many thought that he would never step on a field again in 2018, and furthermore, many thought the Packers would lose to the Bears after being down 20-0 in the 3rd quarter.

However, Rodgers, who was clearly not one-hundred percent, brought the team back. He willed the Packers to a 24-23 victory over Chicago at Lambeau Field.

At this point, Rodgers’ availability is unknown as the Packers host Minnesota next Sunday.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer ran out of adjectives when it came to discussing the greatness of Rodgers.

“The guy is unbelievable. There aren’t enough superlatives to say about this guy,” Zimmer told the media today. “He’s just amazing; receivers did a great job as well. I thought their offensive line blocked really well at the end. We’re going to have our hands full.”

As the head coach of the Vikings, Zimmer has battled Rodgers numerous times, and he also witnessed the greatness of Rodgers when he was the defensive coordinator with Cincinnati.

“The guy is an unbelievable player. He’s obviously, I don’t want to say anybody’s the best, but he’s pretty darn close to being the best guy,” Zimmer said. “I mean his arm is unbelievable. I still remember when I played him in a preseason game in Cincinnati. He ducked under a guy, spun, rolled to his right and threw a 30-yard dart on the sideline over there, and I said, “Holy crap.” Since that day I’ve had the utmost respect for this guy. He can make every throw, he’s smart, he’s tough obviously. He’s a great player.”

Rodgers is the best QB in football, and last night proved that. He’s special, he’s great, and he’s simply the best.

However, as we saw last night, if the Packers don’t have Rodgers, they are going to have a hard time making the playoffs in 2018!