Victor Conte on Ortiz: ‘Everybody needs to put this ‘once a cheat, always cheat’ stuff aside'(WATCH)

SAN CARLOS, CA (February 24, 2018) – Victor Conte, CEO of SNAC System speaks out in response to WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder’s recent comments made during the pre-fight conference call for his upcoming world title bout against Luis Ortiz in Brooklyn, New York on March 3rd.

Here were Wilders’s comments:

“We always say, once a cheat, always a cheat and that will always carry with him but that’s going to be up to Luis Ortiz.  I think Luis Ortiz is a smart guy and I think he’s going to do the right thing up to this point.”

Below are some of the quotes from Conte’s response to Wilder:

“I don’t believe Deontay Wilder knows much about anti-doping!”

“I don’t think Wilder’s statement ‘…once a cheat, always a cheat’ is coming from an informed individual.”

“He seems to know about as much about anti-doping as I know about skydiving and I am afraid of heights.”

“Luis Ortiz has been tested seven times by VADA as well as the New York commission.”

“I’ve been assisting the Ortiz camp by helping trainer Herman Caicedo with nutrition and training protocols. In fact, I have tested Ortiz’s blood profile on two different dates and have not seen any of the markers that would suggest any form of drug use.”

“Bottom line. I think Luis Ortiz is a clean athlete and everybody needs to put this ‘once a cheat, always cheat’ stuff aside.  I hope it doesn’t become a distraction or sideshow this week and that everyone can focus upon a great fight that is about to happen.  My prediction is Luis Ortiz will do a great job and become the new heavyweight champion of the world.”