MMA Mayweather? Mayweather enters the Octagon(Watch)

Floyd Mayweather told any and everybody that he was done with boxing after defeating Conor McGregor last August.

Then, rumors surfaced that Mayweather, 40,  was meeting with Dana White to possibly fight in the UFC.

However, Mayweather shot those rumors down.

Here’s what Mayweather told back in December:

“I never said I was going to fight in the UFC,” Mayweather said. “I didn’t say that. I just said if I wanted to and what I could do. ‘Would’ and ‘could’ do isn’t the same thing. I’m not going to do it, though.”

Today, Mayweather posted a video of him going into the Octagon. Is this a little bit of foreshadowing?

Take a look: