Ex-Giants QB Jeff Hostetler on Foles winning SB 52: ‘He’s got the ability to do it’

If there is one man who knows what it’s like to be Nick Foles, it’s former Giants QB, Jeff Hostetler.

In 1990, Giants starting QB Phil Simms went down in Week 15 with a foot injury against the Bills. The Giants would lose that game and fall to 11-3. Hostetler would start the last two games of the season, and the Giants would finish the regular season at 13-3. Ultimately, he would lead the Giants to a win in Super Bowl XXV against the Bills.

Fast forward to 2017. Eagles QB Carson Wentz tears his ACL in Week 14 against the Rams. Foles would come in and win the game for Philadelphia. He would go on to lead the Eagles to a 13-3 regular season record, and lead the team to Super Bowl LII to face the Patriots.

As you can see, the 1990 Giants and 2017 Eagles are very similar.

Hostetler talked about those similarities:

“I think one of the main things is nobody gave him(Foles) a chance. Four, or five weeks ago everybody jumped off the bandwagon,”  Hostetler told TMZ Sports. “When I was playing with the Giants, we lost three of the previous four games before Simms got hurt. Everybody jumped off that bandwagon, and nobody thought we could do it except for those guys inside that locker room, so I see a lot of similarities there.”

Hostetler believes Foles has the talent to help the Eagles win Super Bowl 52:

“I think he has all the talent surrounding him. He’s got the ability to do it, and he’s got to enjoy the moment.  Don’t put too much pressure himself; go out and prepare and have fun,” Hostetler said.

The 2017 Eagles, like the 1990 Giants, have a ferocious defense and a solid running game.  Like the 1990 Giants, the 2017 Eagles are underdogs(Pats 5 point favorites) going into Super Bowl LII.

New York used their running game and big-time defense to slow down Jim Kelly and the Bills to win Super Bowl XXV. Philly might have to do the same thing to beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.