Westbrook: ‘Carson Wentz will be the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles’

Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles has silenced the doubter and critics, for now. Foles, who became the Eagles starting QB after Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL, has taken the Eagles all the way to Super Bowl 52 to battle the Patriots.

While Wentz had an MVP caliber season, many have wondered what would happen if Foles won Super Bowl 52. Would Foles be the starter moving forward, or would he go back to the bench?

Former Eagles RB Brian Westbrook believes that Wentz will be the starter no matter what happens in Minnesota next week.

“Carson Wentz was on a MVP pace as far as his play earlier this year,” Westbrook told TMZ Sports. “He’s done a great job of getting this team into the position that Nick Foles can take over the reigns and lead them the rest of the way. When Carson Wentz is healthy, trust me, Carson Wentz will be the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, there’s no question about it.”

Westbrook does believe another good performance by Foles could get him some decent money elsewhere:

“I will say this, Nick Foles does have an opportunity to earn himself a couple extra bucks in his pocket if he goes out there and plays well,” Westbrook said.

No matter what happens on February 4, Wentz is the starter for the Philadelphia Eagles. He could have easily been the MVP of the league if he would have stayed healthy. To Westbrook’s point, Foles, 29, does have an opportunity to earn some decent money if he plays well in the Super Bowl.

According to Spotrac.com, Foles has more year left after this season on the two-year, $11 million deal that he signed last offseason.






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