Bas Rutten on McGregor: ‘If he’s a smart guy, he should keep on boxing’

UFC star Conor McGregor reportedly made around $100 million against Floyd Mayweather last summer. When you make that type of money in boxing, it would be hard for anybody to go back to the UFC.

UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten believes that McGregor should keep chasing that boxing money:

“If he’s a smart guy, he should keep on boxing, that’s what I would do,” Rutten told TMZ Sports. “I think Paulie Malignaggi would have been a great fight. I think the fight against Pac-Man(Manny Pacquiao) that’s a hard fight, but the Mayweather rematch I would love to see. This guys goes ten rounds with the best boxer on the planet.”

According to Rutten, it might be Pacquiao or Mayweather next:

“Pac-Man is going after it, or a rematch with Mayweather, so it’s one of the two, that’s what I heard,” Rutten said.

Rutten would like to see McGregor go back to the UFC, but he knows the boxing money could bee too good to resist.

If McGregor could get Mayweather or Pacquiao in the ring, and make huge money, he should continue to keep on boxing, unless he can make “boxing money” in the UFC, which seems unlikely.