Ex-Eagle Freddie Mitchell chooses Wentz over McNabb

First, it was former Philadelphia Eagles WR Terrell Owens, who said he would choose Eagles QB Carson Wentz over former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, and now his former Eagles’ teammate Freddie Mitchell chimed in on the debate, and here’s a hint, he agrees with Owens.

Mitchell, who played with McNabb in Philadelphia, explains why he would choose Wentz over McNabb.

“You have to understand what Carson Wentz brings to the field. He’s a guy that actually has been coached by Doug Pederson(played in NFL 1993-2004) and has a quarterback that’s actually coaching him to be great. Donovan really did not have that option. His option was his legs,” Mitchell told TMZ Sports.  “Any receiver in the NFL is gonna want a quarterback that actually goes down his progressions, and running is not one of the progressions, so I understand what Terrell is coming from.”

Is Mitchell saying that Wentz is in a better position because of Pederson? Not sure, but Andy Reid(McNabb’s coach in Philly) did a tremendous job developing McNabb.

End of the day, Mitchell was another guy who did not always see eye-to-eye with McNabb, so I’m not sure how objective he is when it comes to talking about McNabb.

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