Chauncey Billups: ‘If I was Lonzo, I would call Kevin Martin’

Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard Lonzo Ball came into the NBA with so much fanfare. While Ball has had some solid moments this season, he continues to struggle with his shot.

Coming into Friday’s action, Ball is shooting 30% from the field, including 23% from downtown.

Former NBA star and current ESPN analyst Chauncey Billups believes Ball should reach out to a former NBA player to help his shooting:

“If I was Lonzo, I would call Kevin Martin. He was a guy in our league who had like this funky shot, but he could shoot the hell out of it, and he could get it off as well,” Billups told TMZ Sports. “I would call a guy like him who could maybe speak to having to try to figure out getting that shot off.”

“He was nice. He averaged like 20 a game, but he had a funky shot. So, if I was Zo, I would reach out to guys like that to maybe help him,” Billups said.

Billups thinks if Martin does not reach out to Martin, Ball should think about changing his shot:

 “In my opinion, I think he needs to reach out to Kevin because otherwise you gotta change your entire shot. He been shooting a certain way for 15 years. That’s tough to do,” Billups explained.

Kevin Martin might be the perfect guy. Martin, who played 14 years in the NBA, averaged over 20 ppg seven times in his career, so Billups might be on to something when he tells Ball to reach out to Martin.

Will Ball change his shot? Will he reach out to Kevin Martin? I think if he continues to struggle he probably should give both of those things some thought.



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