Byron Scott to LaVar Ball: ‘I would probably say ‘Shut Up’

We all know LaVar Ball likes to talk, but sometimes he talks too much! Here is what LaVar Ball told Bleacher Report about Luke Walton and Lonzo Ball this week:

“They’re soft. They don’t know how to coach my son. I know how to coach him,” LaVar Ball told Bleacher Report. “I tell him to go get the victory. Stop messing around.”

Former Lakers coach Byron Scott gave his thoughts on Walton and LaVar Ball:

“I’m not Luke Walton. As a coach, if I was in that position, the first thing I would tell you guys, the L.A. Times, and everybody else and Mr. Ball as well, I got so much more experience doing this than you’ll ever have, especially in the NBA,” Scott told TMZ Sports.  “So, basically I would probably say ‘Shut Up’ and stay put, stay on the sidelines. We got this. Now, it seem like, obviously trying to jockey for a coaching job. We just don’t know where that’s going either, so, if I’m Luke, to me it’s laughable if I’m Luke Walton. I’m sitting there kind of basically just laughing about it.”

You knew at some point, and at some time, that LaVar was going to start chirping. However, he has to let Luke Walton do his job!

So, LaVar listen to Scott and “Shut Up!”

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