Actor Denzel Wells on playing Travis from ILYIW: ‘It’s way more fun playing crazy’

Actor Denzel Wells is enjoying playing the role of a psycho. Wells, who plays the psycho Travis in Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong,” is getting a lot of love from the fans:

“I was doing a play last weekend, and after the show, we had the meet and greet and everything like that. Literally, everybody was like ‘Travis, ooh, I don’t like you. ooh, I hate you!  You get on my nerves! Can I have a picture? Can we take a picture? Can I get an autograph?’ The best part is the fellas who come up,” Wells told the “Go4it” podcast hosted by Paul Gant. “The wives always make them watch it. They be like ‘man, you, dude you crazy man. It’s something about you. You might be like that in real life.’ I’m like okay. I must be doing a decent job at it.”

Wells has noticed the difference from the fans since his character went from nice to crazy:

“Just doing everyday stuff and going out and moving. People stopping you and recognizing you. Giving you your validation,” Wells said. “So, it’s definitely shot up more than when I was playing that nice, soft guy a couple of seasons ago. That’s for sure!  It’s way more fun playing crazy!”

It should be interesting to see if Denzel Wells’ character Travis will be back next season. In the season finale, his character was shot by the woman he had been stalking. Does he survive?

I guess we will find out next season!

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