Floyd Mayweather on purse from McGregor fight: ‘I ain’t even touch that money’

Floyd Mayweather is rich. He made over billion dollars in the ring. Now, according to Mayweather, he is retired for good.

According to Mayweather, he has so much money, that he does not even need to cash his checks from the Pacquiao and McGregor fights.

Here is what he told TMZ Sports:

“I ain’t have to buy nothing. I ain’t even touch that money(from McGregor fight). I’m going to post that check tomorrow,” Mayweather said. “I still got that check(McGregor), and I still got that Pacquiao check.”

Maywether also responded to those who says he has issues with the IRS:

“Remember, ain’t nobody ever put a padlock on my house, ain’t nobody ever took my cars; I still own all my houses, still own all my cars, still got all my faculties, still sharp, still smart, still look good,” Mayweather said.

I’m not sure I believe Mayweather, but if it’s true, more power to him. He earned it!

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