Luis Ortiz on Wilder: ‘He’s nervous and keeps forgetting the date of the fight’

WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz  will battle on November 4 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Today, a press conference was held in Manhattan to announce the fight.

Because of inclement weather near his home in Miami, Ortiz was unable to travel to New York, but did offer his thoughts about the upcoming fight via telephone.

Here is what Ortiz had to say:

“I’m ready to go and excited for the fight. I want to get to November 4 so I can do what I have to do,” Ortiz said. “Wilder does a lot of talking. He’s nervous and keeps forgetting the date of the fight. I think he took this fight because he has no choice and no one else to fight. I think Wilder is going to run in this fight. He should be careful what he says before the fight, because I think he’s going to run from me. Wilder should sign his death sentence. I’m very different than anybody else that he’s fought. I punch harder than anybody else. I’m going to teach him not to mess with Cubans. Some skeptics are talking about my age, but look at Mayweather. I still have my speed and my quickness,” Ortiz said.

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