Antonio Tarver on Paulie Malignaggi: ‘I think he got what he deserved’

The Mayweather-McGregor promotion was the talk of the summer. From the world tour back in July, to the weigh-in on Friday, we could not get enough!

A sideshow to this event was the McGregor-Malignaggi sparring session. Paulie Malignaggi, who sparred with Conor McGregor, left McGregor’s camp after photos were leaked of their sparring session. Ultimately, UFC head Dana White leaked a video of their sparring session. In the video, we saw Malignaggi get knocked down(questionable) by McGregor.

Now, another video of their sparring session has surfaced, and just like the first video, McGregor is getting the better of the action.

Take a look:

According to former boxing world champion Antonio Tarver, Malignaggi got what he deserved:

“When you go to a champion’s camp, you don’t have any rights. You’re there as a hired hand. Get your meals, prepare to work, that’s it. So Paulie, I think he got what he deserved, basically,” Tarver told the “Go4it” podcast with Paul Gant. “I mean, was he really going there to help McGregor, or was he going there to get the spotlight? And it went bad for him.”

Based on photos, videos, and Malignaggi’s body language, Tarver thinks McGregor did dominate Malignaggi in sparring:

“We saw what happened, and body language is everything. ¬†You can do some altering to some pictures and stuff like that, but the video was plain to see, and your body language tells everything. And it just looked like Paulie got his a__ beat,” Tarver said. “That’s what I said when I first saw the pictures, and then when they put the video out, I think it got worse when he was trying to make excuses and defend what everybody else was seeing. It was a bad day of sparring; you got caught with some clean shots, it didn’t look good for you and you were still trying to justify what everybody was seeing. That’s what made it, I think look bad.”

In the end, Tarver believes that this whole situation for Malignaggi was not necessarily a bad thing:

“Overall, most people don’t videotape sparring because most champions don’t want other people seeing inside their camp, so that was a little below the belt for what they did, but what happened in sparring, is what happened. I think Paulie got the worse of it; he got his ego bruised a little bit, but at the same time, he is a smart guy, an intelligent guy, so of course, his name being mentioned around this big super fight, it can’t do no harm for Paulie,” Tarver said.

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