Conor McGregor: ‘The disrespect and the disregard to my skill set is disappointing’

Conor McGregor can fight. He has proven that during his MMA career, but MMA is not boxing. On August 26 in Las Vegas, he will be stepping in a boxing ring for the first time professionally against maybe the greatest of all-time in Floyd Mayweather.

Although he has never boxed professionally, McGregor feels his skill set is good enough to beat Mayweather, and he is using the doubters to motivate him on fight night:

“It’s certainly motivating.  The disrespect and the disregard to my skill set is disappointing. I look at people so many times and their mind is closed.  They’ve got a closed mind to how things can be done,” McGregor said on a conference call.

“It’s a set way and there’s no other way.  Where if that was the case we’d never have reached across the waters and searched for other lands.  And we’d never have went into space.  Do you know what I mean?  You’ve got to have an open mind and you’ve got to realize that there are other ways and there is a time and a place for every single moment.”

McGregor believes he will be respected after August 26:

“You’ve got to give respect for other disciplines and other styles.  Like for instance, fighting is a complex game.  There is a time and a place for every single attack and every single move.  It’s about finding the correct timing for it.  So, when I hear the way they carry on and they disregard and disrespect, it is what it is”, McGregor said.

“I use it as motivation and I look forward to going in and educating them.  But at the same time I get it. I’m coming in; I’m supposed to be from another sport and so again, I understand where it’s at.  But I’m just looking forward to August 26th, going in and proving what I’m saying and then educating the world on what martial arts are and giving the fans and everybody a good solid fight and earning my respect in this game also.”


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